NBA star Kevin Porter Jr once arrested for allegedly assaulting woman at a NYC hotel

Former Houston Rockets star Kevin Porter Jr. was once arrested on allegations of assaulting a woman at a hotel in New York City. Some NBA stars have found themselves on the wrong side of the law because of their actions and Kevin Porter Jr has often been on that side.

He is one of the few stars who has been arrested for criminal acts and had a hard time defending himself against them. Let us look into the incident where he was arrested for assaulting and strangulating a woman.

When Kevin Porter Jr charged with assault and strangulation

In September of last year, Kevin Porter Jr. was arrested on the grounds of assaulting a woman and strangulating her. The incident took place at the Millennium Hilton in Manhattan where a woman arrived with a laceration on the right side of her face and complaints of pain in her neck area. The police were called and it was revealed that former Houston Rockets star Kevin Porter Jr might have something to do with it.

Later on, the police arrested the professional basketball player based on allegations. The case practically ruined Porter’s reputation in the NBA, with the fans and many organizations against domestic violence demanding the expulsion of the former Rockets star from the league. The victim in question identified as Porter’s girlfriend and has supported him since the allegations were made. Porter recently pleaded guilty to the charges against him and his girlfriend blamed the prosecution for exaggerating the facts and presenting a false narrative. Porter will not be sent to jail and instead will have to attend counseling and programs for many weeks to be free from any trouble.

Exploring Kevin Porter Jr.’s criminal history

Kevin Porter Jr. isn’t one of the best role models for any young kid out there. In addition to the aforementioned incident, Porter has been in a few more troubling situations in his lifetime. In 2019, before he enrolled in the NBA draft, Kevin got into trouble with the management of his college. He was suspended for one game on the grounds of “misconduct issues” during his time at the University of South Carolina.

Porter also had not assaulted women for the first time in the aforementioned case. Before entering his second season for the Cavs, he was going through legal issues for assaulting a woman. He allegedly punched a woman in the face and pulled her hair. However, no criminal charges were filed so he did not have to face huge trouble. In the most recent case before his assault case in September, Kevin was charged with possessing a loaded gun and a lot of marijuana in his car. Again, no criminal charges were pressed against him and he did not have to face huge trouble.

What do you think about Kevin Porter Jr’s assault case? Do you think that Kevin is very lucky to have escaped trouble so many times? We are eager to know your thoughts, so drop down in the comments and let us know.

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