NBA to join crunch meeting with TNT, Disney over broadcasting partnership

The National Basketball Association throughout the year has become an integral part of the American lifestyle. The NBA games broadcast on television have been a part and parcel of any citizen who happens to own one.

For the past decades, TNT and Disney had the privilege of bringing the games to the living rooms of the masses but the broadcasters found themselves in a stalemate with the NBA. Now it seems the ice has finally broken and the future of the NBA can smooth out.

NBA to hold meeting with TNT over broadcasting rights deal

The broadcasting deal in place between TNT, Disney and the NBA is coming to an end in 2025. The deal was extended in 2014 for $24 billion. With the NBA asking for a boatload of money to provide the broadcasting rights, the extension of the deal looked unlikely even a few months ago. But now positive updates are coming out regarding the meeting between the two parties before the deadline of April 22.

With the ever-expanding global and streaming accessibility the NBA has increased its cash flow by a significant amount. The money that the global audience brings to the game is a factor in the negotiations where the NBA is demanding more than double the current amount in the deal which will fetch the association around somewhere between $55 billion to $60 billion.

NBA In-season tournament to be key piece in negotiation

TNT and Disney initially were apprehensive of handing that amount to the NBA but the NBA has a bargaining chip. The ace in the sleeve is the NBA In-season tournament which is set to return next season and will probably remain as a yearly feature.

The NBA has reportedly offered TNT and Disney with the exclusivity of the newly found In-season tournament. The tournament will be called the “Emirates NBA Cup” next season onwards which has received a positive reception from the NBA community. The Lakers won the inaugural tournament in December after beating the Pacers in the finals with LeBron James taking the MVP award.

Now with the In-season tournament, the situation has changed from what it was months back. In case the aforementioned parties fail to find a suitable outcome and agree to a similar deal, the league might create a third rights package, for the games that will miss out on the reduced package.

With Amazon and NBC in the mix, it was a possibility but as things stand the NBA will not go through this route after positive progress in negotiations.

Given the recent cost-cutting spree in both Disney and Warner Bros. Discovery (parent company of TNT), if the NBA can strike a deal with its intended financial objectives intact, it can be seen as a major victory for Adam Silver and Co.

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