NBA Trade Rumor: Bucks eye Doc Rivers as top choice to replace Adrian Griffin as HC

Earlier today, the Milwaukee Bucks shocked the basketball world by firing their head coach, Adrian Griffin, amidst concerns regarding their defensive structures and authority on the team.

The Bucks are yet to name a replacement for Griffin, and the team has its eyes set on veteran NBA coach Doc Rivers, who has previously had successful outings with other super teams in the league, including the Boston Celtics and the Los Angeles Clippers. With no time to waste, the Bucks’ fans and players will hope for the apt replacement to be named at the earliest, a strategic move that the team has to make after serious thought.

Doc Rivers emerges as prime target after Griffin’s dismissal

Following the critical firing of Bucks Head Coach Adrian Griffin, the team have moved its focus to the well-respected Doc Rivers, who has established himself as the prime contender for multiple coaching jobs around the league.

Following his recent stint with the Philadelphia 76ers, the coach, who has nearly 25 seasons of NBA experience, has transitioned into an analyst role for ESPN. He now offers in-depth insights into the intricacies of the sport, drawing from his illustrious coaching career.

Senior NBA insider Shams Charania reports that Doc Rivers has taken on an additional role as an informal consultant to Bucks HC Adrian Griffin. This further solidifies his position as a guiding figure for the basketball team, which includes notable players such as Giannis Antetokounmpo and Damian Lillard.

Doc Rivers
The Bucks has its eyes locked on Rivers via USA Today Sports

However, Doc Rivers is not the only option that the Bucks have on the horizon. Apart from Rivers, the other coaches that are available for the team are respected coaches such as Jeff Van Gundy, Terry Stotts and Kenny Atkinson, who established their own unique identities around the league.

Terry Stotts was a key member and assistant coach of Adrian Griffin’s coaching team before he was banished away following a rift between the two individuals. With the exclusion of Griffin, he is one of the contenders for the job, considering his former experience with Bucks superstar Damian Lillard and even more, his very recent stint with the team.

Terry Stotts
Stotts has past experience with this Bucks team via USA Today Sports

With his prior experience creating effective defensive rotations—particularly during his tenure with the 2018–19 Brooklyn Nets, where he guided a team that included D’Angelo Russell, Jarrett Allen, and Spencer Dinwiddie to sixth place in the Eastern Conference—Kenny Atkinson makes a compelling case for the coaching position, even though he may not be an obvious contender behind players like Doc Rivers.

Kenny Atkinson
The current Warriors’ assistant coach is a great candidate for the Bucks via USA Today Sports

However, it is undeniable that Doc Rivers is a clear frontrunner for the position of head coach of the Milwaukee Bucks. The team is actively considering signing a new head coach who has the ability to bring a championship to the city of Milwaukee.

Bucks’ decision in seeking championship-caliber coach

While it may have seemed like the firing of Adrian Griffin came out of nowhere, that notion is far from true, considering their fall from being one of the best defensive team’s in the league to a very average defending team.

Griffin’s record with the team is impeccable, but his defensive failure is one of the key reasons for his dismissal. In his tenure, the Bucks fell from fourth to 22nd in deficiency from last season, a substantial fall from grace.

Adrian Griffin
The Bucks fired Adrian Griffin earlier today via USA Today Sports

There was a lack of belief and trust in Griffin, followed by locker room incidents, which essentially paved Griffin’s way out, starting the Bucks’ search for a championship-caliber coach.

The Milwaukee Bucks are in search of a coach who can maximize the usage of their superstars, Antetokounmpo and Lillard, without limiting the attributes of either player, a feat Griffin failed to achieve in his time with the team. As the Bucks continue their quest for the championship this season, the team will require a total makeover in their defensive orientation to rejuvenate the vicious tendencies of the Bucks.

Doc Rivers
Will Rivers be the Bucks next coach? via Associated Press

What do you think of the Bucks firing their head coach, Adrian Griffin? Who should the Milwaukee Bucks hire to extend their championship chances? Is Doc Rivers the right choice? We are eager to know your thoughts and opinions on the Bucks’ coaching position right now, so type away in the comments below.


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