NBA trade rumor: Bulls’ missed opportunity as Kyle Lowry Snubs Chicago for 76ers

The Chicago Bulls missed out on an opportunity to add significant firepower in the form of Kyle Lowry, who surprised everyone in the league with his buyout decision. Lowry’s quick decision also brought to light the Chicago Bulls’ market strategy as they try to add players for the remainder of the season.

Nonetheless, the Bulls’ efforts to sign the player went in vain after Lowry chose another Eastern Conference team to represent in the quest to win a championship.

Lowry’s surprise decision

Kyle Lowry was one of the hottest prospects on the NBA buyout market for teams looking to sign significant stars for a meager amount, thereby enabling the player to choose the destination they would like to play for.

Kyle Lowry
Kyle Lowry will be joining the Philadelphia 76ers via Getty Images

A few days after Spencer Dinwiddie was signed by the Los Angeles Lakers through the buyout market, former Toronto Raptors Kyle Lowry erupted as the hot contender. Among the teams that pursued him were the Chicago Bulls, the Philadelphia 76ers, and the New Orleans Pelicans.

With multiple teams eyeing for the player, the decision ultimately rested in the player’s hands, and he had the liberty to choose the team he wished to play for. Ultimately, Lowry proceeded to choose the 76ers where he has a better chance to compete for the NBA championship along with the reigning MVP, Joel Embiid and rising superstar Tyrese Maxey.

The move also sees Lowry reunite with his former Raptors’ coach Nick Nurse, who is currently the Head Coach of the Philadelphia 76ers. The reunion could reignite the sparks Lowry used to have with the Raptors. While Lowry snubbed the Bulls, it also brought to light the market strategy that the team were using in the buyout market.

Chicago’s buyout market strategy

The Chicago Bulls made it clear that they were willing to sign anyone who fit their playing style without any hesitation. Following Lowry’s blatant snub, the team’s coach suggested that the injury-hit Bulls were ready to offer spots to any player that suited them and would help them move forward in the season.

Kyle Lowry
Lowry’s snub revealed the buyout strategy of the Bulls via Getty Images

Speaking on the buyout market this season, Chicago Bulls coach, Billy Donovan said, “‘‘If there’s someone who has an interest or [the front office feels] like it would be a good fit, they’ll bring me in and we’d probably get on the phone with the player. But as of right now, nothing has moved forward in terms of any plans.”

What are your thoughts on Kyle Lowry signing for the Philadelphia 76ers over the Bulls? What are your thoughts on the buyout market? We are eager to know your thoughts and opinions, so feel free to comment below.

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