NBA Trade rumor: Warriors’ stance on Jonathan Kuminga revealed

Jonathan Kuminga’s position in the Warriors has just been solidified after the team suggested that he was a core member of their esteemed organization. Reports erupted that the young star was unhappy with his role on the Warriors, getting only limited game time which stumbled his potential for development.

However, recent advancements show that the Warriors don’t want the player to leave and will take the necessary measures to keep the youngster happy.

Warriors’ reported stance on Jonathan Kuminga

As the trade deadline draws nearer, many teams including the Warriors are expected to make moves that substantially improve their roster for the last stretch of the regular season. In many such moves, teams will have to let go of some of their players.

However, it seems to appear that Jonathan Kuminga will continue to be part of the Warriors family. In an NBA Trade rumor which suggested the Warriors acquire Raptors’ star Pascal Siakam in exchange for Kuminga, it is noted that the Warriors are reluctant to let go of the promising youngster, rightly so.

Jonathan Kuminga
Kuminga has flourished for the Warriors in the absence of Draymond Green via USA Today Sports

In the absence of Draymond Green, the player has flourished exceptionally. Staying true to his natural game, Kuminga has knocked down shots, made the right plays, and stayed organized in his defensive stances. He was key to keep the Warriors’ engine running on both ends of the basketball court. In the Warriors’ last game against the Pistons, Kerr gave Kuminga the time to thrive as the young star played a game-high 36 minutes scoring 11 points and grabbing 6 rebounds.

Jonathan Kuminga
Jonathan Kuminga played a game-high 36 minutes against the Pistons via Getty Images

Having traded away much of their young core in James Wiseman and Jordan Poole, it seems as if the Warriors don’t want to continue down their path of acquiring stars while letting go of their young players. Instead, they want to create stars under the guidance of NBA legends such as Stephen Curry and Draymond Green.

If mentored correctly, Kuminga could be one of the best young stars to utilize in a contending team and it looks like the Warriors don’t want to miss out on the opportunity to build strategically to have a glorious future.

Kuminga addresses his situation with Steve Kerr

After the heartbreaking loss to the Denver Nuggets, NBA Insider Shams Charania reported that young prodigy Jonathan Kuminga lost faith in Warriors’ HC Steve Kerr. Kerr’s ignorance led Kuminga to believe that the coach could no longer help him reach his potential.

Kuminga’s frustration against Kerr came as no surprise to those who witnessed the Warriors’ blow their lead against the Nuggets. Having played efficiently all night, Kuminga was sent to the bench for the final 18 minutes of the Nuggets’ game, a game which saw Kerr trust his veterans and choosing them over Kuminga, despite his effective shooting.

Jonathan Kuminga
Jonathan Kuminga reportedly lost faith in his HC Steve Kerr via USA Today Sports

This rift beween the two individuals led to a conversation between Kuminga and Kerr, a much needed conversation that seemed to have resolved the issues between the two professionals.

Recalling his conversation with the coach, Kuminga said, “I think it went really well.”

He also seemed to understand his position within the Warriors as he said, “I love it here, I feel like when you look at all the ups and downs, that will confuse a lot of people. But I know Steve [Kerr] believes in me. I know he trusts me at this point. It was just more about communication and better understanding.”

The young star also urged for a fresh start saying , “It’s the past. Move on with better understanding and hoping we all can work with each other and help this team and leave everything in the past.”

Steve Kerr
Both, Kerr and Kuminga seemed to resolve their issues after the Nuggets game via Associated Press

Meanwhile, Steve Kerr also addressed the situation saying he completely understood Kuminga’s desire to play and flourish in his basketball journey. Kerr also seemed to take the higher road and did not criticize the player publicly for his frustrations which is sure to have instilled more faith and confidence in Kuminga.

What do you think about the Warriors’ stance on Kuminga? Do you think he was right to be frustrated? Should the Warriors include Jonathan Kuminga in a trade for a superstar? We are eager to know your opinions on this topic, so please drop your comments down below.

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