NFL fan scores $1,000 Tom Brady rookie card in unforgettable trade

Tom Brady used to dominate the headlines when he ruled the NFL for over twenty years donning the New England Patriots and Tampa Bay Buccaneers jerseys. Though legendary players from any sports background close their professional career, their fanbase never drops out, especially when the athlete is the GOAT of the sport like TB12.

Though the three-time NFL MVP closed his football journey in February this year, the “Brady effect” is clearly strong off the field like it was on the field. The veteran himself always finds ways to connect with his fans, and recently one of his little fans got a memorable gift from the football icon that he would probably cherish for a lifetime.

Tom Brady gives a rare card to an enthusiastic fan

On September 30, Brady attended a recent New Jersey trading event, Topps Rip Night which provided sports enthusiasts the opportunity to participate in pack wars, raffles, and giveaways. In that event, he was seen giving his Bowman rookie card to Gavin Geary, a young local regular, in exchange for a DeVonta Smith jersey. It should not go without saying that the worth of the card is $1000+.

Tom Brady
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The seven-time Super Bowl champion is also known for his off-field charisma, and he showcased that once in the event. As described by Fanatics CEO Michael Rubin, one of the Philadelphia Eagles fans in the store was wearing a Super Bowl LII hat, where Philly secured a 41-33 victory over the New England Patriots.

However, TB12 didn’t avoid the kid, instead, the California Cool teased him for wearing the hat and even traded for it. The 46-year-old also attended an MLB store in New York in a Montreal Expos jersey before the New Jersey event.

Brady’s game-worn Bucs jersey fetches $1.2 million in charity auction

After closing his nearly two-decade journey with the New England Patriots, Brady spent his last three seasons with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. Though his tenure with the Bucs was short, the signal-caller didn’t fail to leave his mark in Tampa Bay.

One of the memorable wins of the ex-NFL star dated back to Dec. 12, 2021, when he led Tampa Bay on the way to defeat the Buffalo Bills. In the match, the veteran threw his 699 as well as 700th career touchdown passes while completing 363 yards passing and three total touchdowns along with one rushing.

Tom Brady

On Saturday, the jersey worn by him in that historic game sold for $1.2 million at the Ocean Casino Resort in Atlantic City, New Jersey. The event was arranged by a criminal justice reform foundation named the REFORM Alliance. The foundation is co-founded by Rubin and rappers Meek Mill as well as Jay-Z. All the money collected from Tom Terrific’s Bucs jersey will be handed over to the charity foundation.

The ex-Patriots star himself spent $2 million of his own money for the cause, and along with his contribution, they managed to raise $24 million in total.

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