NFL greenlights another rule change after banning ‘hip-hop’ tackle

Over the years, the NFL has seen plenty of rule changes that have significantly altered the course of the game and the direction in which it is headed for the future. The modern version of the game has made it an offense-dominated sport where the defensive options are fairly limited, and the rules are also deemed somewhat ambiguous by the professionals.

There have recently been several conversations about doing away with several tackling tactics that lie in the grey area of ethical conduct. And from the looks of it, it seems that the NFL might have finally pulled the plug on effective defense of any kind.

Another rule change is approved by the NFL

The NFL has approved giving a team a third challenge if they get either of their two available challenges correct. Previously, it was demanded that the team get both their challenges correct in order to get a third attempt. However, the rule change will now allow teams a lot more leeway in terms of decision-making.

It was reported that the Detroit Lions submitted the change in a league meeting, which the NFL administration later evaluated. According to Bleacher Report, Stephen Holder reported Sunday there was “minimal traction” behind the Indianapolis Colts’ idea to allow all officiating decisions, including penalties, to be reviewable within the final two minutes of each half.

Jevon Holland criticizes the NFL’s rule change

The ban on the hip-drop tackle also received the ire of the league’s many defensive men, as they felt that their hands were being tied behind their backs when it came to effective defense. Jevon Holland, safety for the Miami Dolphins, echoed the sentiment by tweeting, “Breaking news: Tackling Banned”

“It doesn’t get used very often, but when it is used, it’s incredibly injurious to the runner,” NFL Competition Committee chairman Rich McKay said. “The runner is purely defenseless. And I have heard defenders say it before, and I hear them, ‘Hey, you’re putting me in a really tough spot. You’re saying I can’t hit here. What do I do?’ And my response has always been, ‘Well, you can’t do that, and that’s just because the guy you’re hitting is defenseless and has no way to protect himself.’ So we’ve got to protect him and you’ve got to come up with other ways, and you know what, they do.”

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