NFL News: Eagles QB Jalen Hurts faces gruesome finger injury in Week 18 loss to Giants

The Philadelphia Eagles and quarterback Jalen Hurts kicked off the 2023 NFL season on a high note, boasting an undefeated streak. After narrowly missing out on the championship in the previous year, the team was determined to seize the Lombardi trophy by any means necessary. However, their soaring momentum took a sharp nosedive as the Eagles stumbled through a series of defeats, relinquishing their top spot in the NFC East.

Besides that, Hurts had his own struggles as the quarterback made his entry into the Eagles injury report several times, albeit he was not very vocal about it. Now, the signal-caller has faced another setback in their Week 18, as he once again sustained an unfortunate injury in the loss against the New York Giants.

Jalen Hurts suffers horrible finger injury

During the Eagles week 18 game against the Giants, Jalen Hurts faced a distressing moment when his throwing hand suffered a horrible injury. The incident occurred during a fourth-down play, where pressure from Giants veteran Bobby Okereke caused the quarterback’s right middle finger to gruesomely twist out of place. As the signal-caller exited the field, replays vividly captured the uncomfortable angle of his finger.

Despite the injury, the dual-threat returned to the game after receiving initial treatment in the medical tent. His valiant effort to lead the offense fell short, and as Philly fell behind 24-0. Head coach Nick Sirianni decided to bench several starters, including their QB1, just before halftime. This move saw backup Marcus Mariota stepping in to take control of the game.

The gravity of Jalen Hurts’ injury became apparent in his post-match interview, where he expressed experiencing an unprecedented level of pain.

“It popped out,” Hurts disclosed, indicating the severity of the injury. The signal-caller outlook remained cautiously optimistic as he said he would take it “day by day,” implying uncertainty about the injury’s impact on his availability moving forward.

The unfortunate timing of the Eagles starting QB’s injury adds to their mounting concerns as key players like wide receiver A.J. Brown and defensive back Sydney Brown also suffered knee injuries. These setbacks significantly jeopardize the team’s prospects in the upcoming postseason, leaving them grappling with a multitude of challenges, including the team’s recent underwhelming performances.

Did the Eagles earn a spot in the NFL Playoffs?

The Eagles and Jalen Hurts navigated a rollercoaster season, experiencing the highs of a stellar 10-1 start and the lows of a challenging final stretch that culminated in a 17-point loss against the Giants.

Despite their stumble, the Eagles had hopes riding on a win coupled with a Washington Commanders victory over the Dallas Cowboys. However, the Cowboys sealed the deal with a resounding 38-10 victory, snatching the NFC East title away from Philly.

Eagles Wire- USA Today

The Eagles soared early in the season, and boasted the league’s best record, emerging as a formidable force in the NFC. However, the momentum dwindled in the latter part of the season, resulting in a Wild Card entry into the playoffs as the No. 5 seed in the NFC. The team has already been struggling with internal concerns with their losing streak.

Their postseason journey will kick off with an away game against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, the reigning NFC South Champions. Scheduled for Monday, January 15, this matchup against the Bucs will pose a formidable challenge for the Eagles. The Bucs secured their divisional title with a victory over the Carolina Panthers.


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