Worst year for Patrick Mahomes still sees him dropping bombs as top 10 passer

If there ever was a definition of the word serial winner in the NFL world, it has to be Patrick Mahomes. The man has performed at the peak of his powers for over half a decade now and is showing no signs of stopping anytime soon.

Even during this season, Mahomes has led the team from the front and ensured that the Kansas City Chiefs secured a playoff berth with one game in hand. However, it has not been a great year for him on account of his personal stats, as he drops down the rankings of the most potent quarterbacks in the league. Let’s find out more.

From two league MVPs and two Super Bowls to ninth place in league, how injuries and playcalling impacted Patrick Mahomes

Despite the Kansas City Chiefs being on a winning streak, it has to be said that Patrick Mahomes hasn’t been the same beast for much of this season so far. And if the Chiefs are looking towards doing a repeat of the 2023 Super Bowl, then their talismanic QB needs to come out all guns blazing in the postseason.

Small niggles have prevented the two-time Super Bowl winner from hitting the ground running this season and have stopped him from being his usual destructive self. However, he has still managed to be the 9th most potent QB in the league, alongside the likes of Dak Prescott and Joe Flacco of the Cleveland Browns. According to Statsmuse, Mahomes has been averaging 261.4 yards per game, which is not expected from someone with his pedigree. But that is what he has been feeding his receivers throughout the entire season so far.

Mahomes has also come out and admitted that playcalling by coach Andy Reid has prevented him from being as potent as before. Talking about using the sneak-in plays, he said, “I’ll always want to because I always say that I haven’t got stopped yet. Because even the one that my knee I got hurt on, I still got the first down. But I’m pretty sure he’s not going to let me do it unless it’s like for the Super Bowl, and so I might have to call my own number in the Super Bowl if we get there.”

Well, he still has the dead rubber game against the Los Angeles Chargers to try out the sneak, but it is unlikely that Mahomes will be featuring in the game due to not a lot riding on it.

Patrick Mahomes magic or Andy Reid strategy? Who deserves the credit for Chiefs’ continued success?

Ever since head coach Andy Reid arrived on the scene for the Kansas City Chiefs, all the franchise has done is win. With multiple Super Bowls and individual accolades along the way, the Chiefs have become a force to be reckoned with and are in line to become one of the most successful NFL outfits in recent history.

When asked about who deserves credit for the continued success of the Kansas City Chiefs, the answer has to be the combined brilliance of Patrick Mahomes and Coach Reid. This is because the only way Reid is able to think of elaborate plays is due to the execution rate of Patrick Mahomes and vice versa.

Their rock-solid partnership over the years has made the Chiefs faithful incredibly happy, and now they are looking forward to making it back to Arrowhead with the Lombardi Trophy once again.


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