NFL ruins L’Jarius Sneed’s birthday by reportedly taking drug test after Chiefs victory over Bills

The Kansas City Chiefs have demonstrated exceptional prowess in pass defense this season, securing the fourth rank in the league. Notably, cornerback L’Jarius Sneed has been a pivotal force behind the Chiefs’ defensive dominance, contributing to their impressive performances throughout the season.

In the recent divisional playoff round against the Buffalo Bills, the Chiefs showcased their defensive superpower in a resounding 27-24 victory. However, the celebratory mood for Sneed quickly turned into frustration as the NFL swiftly directed its attention toward him soon after the game.

L’Jarius Sneed gets tested by NFL

Following the Chiefs’ resounding victory, L’Jarius Sneed found himself in an unexpected situation as the NFL decided to subject him to a drug test. The NFL retains the authority to conduct random drug tests on players at any given time to ensure compliance with anti-doping regulations. This occurrence unfolded on Sneed’s birthday night, adding an unusual twist to his celebration.

To express his frustration, the cornerback took to his X account to convey his discontent with the recurring drug tests.

“I’m tired of getting drug tested,” he wrote in the post. 

The timing of the drug test couldn’t have been worse, occurring on a night that should have been dedicated to reveling in the Chiefs’ triumph. Sneed, who had entered the playoff game without conceding a single touchdown during the season, saw his celebratory mood dampened by the league’s testing protocol.

That being said, Sneed did very well in the game, even though the drug test got in the way. Still, he lost his perfect season record of not giving up a touchdown when Bills WR Khalil Shakir scored on a 13-yard catching touchdown during the game.

Sneed’s experience is not isolated, as the NFL has employed random drug testing on various players throughout the season. In a similar instance, following the thrilling overtime victory in Week 15, Cincinnati Bengals quarterback Jake Browning received a message approximately 15 minutes after the game’s conclusion, notifying him of his selection for a urine steroid test. 

L’Jarius Sneed’s mother receives a warm welcome by passengers on plane

As L’Jarius Sneed continues to shine on the field for the Chiefs as a standout cornerback, his impact extends beyond the game, reaching the hearts of fans and even turning his mother into a celebrated figure. Following a recent Chiefs win, Sneed’s mother experienced a warm and unexpected reception from fellow passengers during a flight.

With a proud smile, his mother declared, “I am L’Jarius Sneed’s mom,” and playfully waved her hands while standing in front of the passengers. The response from the co-passengers was immediate and enthusiastic, with cheers and loud claps filling the air. 

It was a heartwarming scene as the proud mother received a spontaneous and heartfelt welcome from those on the plane, recognizing her son’s contributions on the football field.

The fourth-year cornerback has become a valuable asset for the Chiefs since entering the NFL as a fourth-round pick in the 2020 NFL Draft, per

Throughout his time with the team, Sneed has consistently demonstrated his prowess on the field and made impactful plays. In the recently concluded regular season, he amassed a total of 78 tackles, securing two interceptions and breaking off 15 passes.

His contributions have been instrumental in the Chiefs’ success, and the warm welcome extended to his mother is just a testament to the appreciation and admiration he has garnered both on and off the field.


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