NFL Rumors: Steelers QB Kenny Pickett set to join Eagles after Russell Wilson signing

Kenny Pickett wasted no time securing a starting quarterback position after replacing Mitchell Trubisky, following his initial experience with the Pittsburgh Steelers in the NFL. Nevertheless, by Week 4 in his debut season, he was thrust into the spotlight, taking over for the struggling Trubisky and maintaining the role throughout the season.

With preparations underway for the upcoming season with Pickett at the helm, Steelers fans were caught off guard by the team’s surprising decision to trade the seasoned starter after Russell Wilson’s acquisition. aback

Kenny Pickett to join Eagles

The Steelers are trading Kenny Pickett to the Philadelphia Eagles. The trade involves a pick swap, with the Steelers receiving a third-round pick this year and two seventh-round picks in 2025, while the Eagles acquire Pickett and a fourth-round selection this year, per USA Today.

The news comes as a shock to many Steelers fans, especially after reports suggested that the team viewed the 25-year-old as their franchise quarterback for the upcoming season. Steelers general manager Omar Khan had previously expressed confidence in Pickett’s abilities, particularly under the guidance of new offensive coordinator Arthur Smith. Smith joined them in the off-season after being fired as the Atlanta Falcons’ head coach. 

The Pittsburgh Steelers selected Pickett as their first-round pick in the 2022 NFL Draft. While he showed potential as a leader, he struggled at times to effectively lead the offense. He played 12 games last season and won 7, which is commendable. However, he was hampered by injuries, with an ankle injury forcing him to sit out late in the season. As a result, the Steelers had to rely on their backup quarterback, Mason Rudolph, for the playoffs.

During his last appearances in a Steelers’ jersey, the signal-caller  showed glimpses of his talent, amassing 2,070 passing yards and throwing six touchdowns against four interceptions.

Did Russell Wilson signing force Kenny Pickett exit?

The Steelers’ decision to trade Kenny Pickett has sparked speculation about the impact of Russell Wilson’s signing on the team’s quarterback situation. Just five days after Wilson agreed to join the Steelers, Pickett found himself on the trading block.

Reportedly, Pickett was initially prepared to compete for the starting quarterback position. Nevertheless, upon learning of Wilson’s arrival, he promptly requested a trade, unwilling to play second fiddle to the seasoned veteran.

The Steelers’ decision to prioritize Wilson as their QB1 left Pickett with limited options. The addition of the former Broncos player meant that his future in Pittsburgh was uncertain, regardless of his willingness to compete.

With Jalen Hurts firmly established as the Eagles’ franchise quarterback, Pickett’s chances of starting are slim in Philadelphia as well. There, he will serve as the backup to Jalen Hurts.

While Pickett’s departure may have come as a surprise to many, Wilson’s exit from the Denver Broncos was widely expected. After a tumultuous season that saw him benched, the Broncos opted to release Wilson, allowing him to seek opportunities elsewhere.

After the unexpected move for both quarterbacks, Pickett is now poised to absorb experience from Hurts under head coach Nick Sirianni.

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