NFL Trade News: Former Seahawks QB Jacob Eason joins Giants practice before 2023-24 regular season finale

For the teams who could not make it to the playoffs this season, week 18 matchups will be their final game of the season. For the New York Giants, that is going to be the case as they go against the Philadelphia Eagles in their last fixture this season.

The Giants have had a tumultuous run throughout the season so far, blowing hot and cold in most of their games. That is the reason why the franchise is not in contention for playoff berths. However, that hasn’t stopped the front office from signing backup players like Jacob Eason. Let’s find out more about the same.

Giants resigns Jacob Eason to practice squad

The New York Giants welcomed quarterback Jacob Eason to their squad by resigning him. Earlier in the season, the franchise had waived him off but now has a dearth of quarterbacks on their hands, with Tyrod Taylor facing an issue with his back. However, Eason’s involvement would mostly be limited to the practice squad, with Taylor still in the starting role.

The Giants have suffered a crisis for quarterbacks all throughout the season, with both their options picking up niggles in the middle of the season. But with the final game of the season right around the corner, the franchise can look towards strengthening their squad in the offseason and coming back out stronger in 2024.

Did the Giants make it to the NFL playoffs?

With their matchup against the Philadelphia Eagles on Sunday, the New York Giants will be bidding adieu to the NFL season. However, the game will not carry the same pressure as the divisional playoffs both teams played out last January.

The truth is, the Giants have been a shadow of their former selves this season and have not been able to hit the ground running at all. Players have looked off their game and the coaching staff hasn’t been able to mend the situation at all. However, they would look to rectify all of these mistakes in the offseason.

As for the Eagles, this game is of importance as they try to fight for the divisional top spot against the Dallas Cowboys. If they manage to notch up a win and repeat their performance from two weeks ago, the Eagles are guaranteed the top spot. But that won’t be an easy job with an already leaky defense and the Giants looking to go out with a bang.

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