NFL Trade Rumors: Lions OC Ben Johnson expected to become Commanders new HC next season

The Washington Commanders faced a challenging 2023 NFL campaign, finishing the regular season with a disappointing 4-14 record and securing the last spot in the NFC East. Head coach Ron Rivera’s departure following the season highlighted the need for a fresh start. Quickly addressing the void in the front office, the team appointed Adam Peters as the new general manager. Now, the spotlight turns to the crucial task of selecting a new head coach.

Speculation was rife that the Washington Commanders have set their sights on Ben Johnson. His play-calling has propelled the Lions into the limelight this season. Now, the veteran is reportedly set to become the head coach of the Washington Commanders.

Ben Jonhson rumored to be next Commanders HC

The Commanders are strongly considering Ben Johnson as their next head coach, with widespread speculation pointing towards this move. Boomer Esiason, a respected NFL figure, confidently labeled him as the best available coach. He declared on his WFAN radio show that Johnson is not only the best available coach but also stated that Johnson’s move to the Commanders is a “lock.”

Boomer asserted that the offensive coordinator for the Lions is destined for the Commanders’ top position.

“I’ll tell you who the best coach available is…….his name is Ben Johnson; he’s the offensive coordinator for the Detroit Lions,” he said.

Despite other coaching changes in the league, he said that the Lions OC is the prime candidate for Washington. He praised the veteran’s offensive prowess by describing it as “unbelievable.”

“Runs an unbelievable offense, but he’s going to be the next head coach of the Commanders, I told ya.”

While Johnson has already met with the Commanders for discussions, the timing is somewhat complicated by the Detroit Lions’ participation in the NFC Championship Game against the San Francisco 49ers. With the game scheduled for Sunday, January 21, any further talks with Johnson might have to wait until after the outcome.

Meanwhile, the Commanders have been actively looking for a new coach. They’ve interviewed Houston Texans offensive coordinator Bobby Slowik twice. In-person interviews are also scheduled with the Los Angeles Rams defensive coordinator Raheem Morris and Dallas Cowboys defensive coordinator Dan Quinn. Besides that, the team aims to conduct second interviews with the Baltimore Ravens defensive coordinator Mike Macdonald and associate head coach/defensive line coach Anthony Weaver.

Ben Jonhson’s contribution to Lions offense

Ben Johnson has emerged as a beacon of success for the Lions’ offense, prompting even rap star Eminem to urge him to stay with the team. As the team’s offensive coordinator, he has bolstered their reputation to another level. The Lions’ recent success in the divisional-round playoffs against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers showcased Johnson’s prowess in play-calling.

A standout aspect of Ben Johnson’s impact lies in the transformation of quarterback Jared Goff. Once deemed surplus to requirements by the Los Angeles Rams, the QB has flourished under Johnson’s guidance, achieving back-to-back 4,000-yard seasons. His coaching has notably elevated Goff’s performance, particularly in handling pressure situations.

Ben Jonhson
Pride of Detroits

The key to the offensive coordinator’s success is his skillful use of different offensive tactics. By incorporating motion, shifts, rub routes, and play action, he has established a setting that allows for fast throws and dynamic offensive plays. This strategic versatility has been a crucial element of the team’s offensive effectiveness throughout the season.

Staying with the Lions for the 2023 season, Ben Johnson played an integral role in the team’s historic achievements. They secured the division title for the first time since 1993 and clinched their first playoff victory since 1991. His ability to steer the offense successfully amidst high-pressure situations perfectly highlights his capacity to maintain focus and deliver results.


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