“Not the reason the Lakers suck”: Anthony Davis gets Charles Barkley backing amid Lakers’ woeful state

Anthony Davis could only look on in despair as the Lakers bowed out to the Warriors on Tuesday night. With him sidelined due to injury, his teammates were unable to fill his void and even LeBron James failed at the task.

Now the Lakers find themselves in the final play-in spot, the last hope for their post-season aspiration. Even if they cross this first hurdle, the Lakers nation is not entirely convinced of getting their hands on the first NBA Championship since 2020. So who is responsible for this wretched state? Charles Barkley has a simple answer to that.

Charles Barkley blames Lakers minus Anthony Davis for recent downfall

The pointy arrow of the blame game has often been directed at Anthony Davis for the Lakers’ poor outcome but Charles Barkley came to the forward’s defense uncovering the actual cause of the franchise’s sloppy performance.

While discussing the Lakers’ current form when the opinionated Kenny Smith criticized Davis, Barkley argued, “Davis is not the reason Lakers suck.” When Shaquille O’Neal asked who truly is responsible for the recent downfall, the analyst said without hesitance, “The rest of them.”

Sharing his view on AD’s season performance amid criticisms, Chuck added, “He’s been poked in the eye a couple of times. But Anthony Davis… he’s had an All-NBA season. He answered all his critics this year. He’s been playing fantastic.” Even LeBron James was not spared from Barkley’s merciless assessment of the Lakers, who has been putting up great shows for the Los Angeles side even with his illness.

Davis has a strong grip on controlling the offense as well as the defense from the center of the hardwood. His 24.5 points, 12.6 rebounds, 2.4 blocks, and 1.2 steals per game this season is an example of that. AD’s impact on the team was evident when the Lakers received back-to-back blows from the Minnesota Timberwolves and Golden State Warriors during his absence due to injury.

Anthony Davis injury status ahead of Grizzlies game

There is finally a ray of hope for the Los Angeles franchise as their asset, Anthony Davis has been listed as probable in the upcoming clash against the Memphis Grizzlies in Tennessee. The Grizz could be one of the bottom teams of the West but to get a hold of their dynasty, the Lakers need their aces LeBron James and Anthony Davis back in action.

After facing the Timberwolves in the opening quarter, AD was ruled out from the game for getting hit in the face by Minnesota forward Kyle Anderson. LeBron was also missing from the game due to his flu-like symptoms, as per The Athletic. The Lakers were defeated by 117-127 on their home court.

In the following game against the Warriors, HC Darvin informed that although AD cleared the NBA’s concussion protocol, he had headaches and nausea which restricted him from participating in the game. Bron came out in the end moments to help his team but couldn’t erect barricades to block the motivated Warriors.

After getting ample rest, Davis can return to rescue the tenth-seeded Lakers with his strong defense, while LeBron James remains on the questionable list due to peroneal tendinopathy on his left ankle.

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