Omarion Miller receives high praise from NFL HOFer after creating history during Colorado vs USC NCAA Football game

The loss of Travis Hunter, the biggest weapon in their receiving room, put the Colorado Buffaloes squad in serious jeopardy. But after Hunter’s injury, Omarion Miller, another future star was born and demonstrated that he is among the greatest receivers among those who have been filling in for Shedeur Sanders up until this point.

The receiver received notice from college football as well as a startling shoutout from NFL Hall of Famer Michael Irvin in their 48-41 loss to USC.

Michael Irvin lavishes praise on Omarion Miller

The Buffaloes’ first four games saw Omarion Miller without a single catch, but the team’s coach Deion Sanders didn’t give up on him and offered him another chance to show his value against the Trojans. However, the rising star not only exceeded Deion’s expectations but also set a game-winning college record.

Miller’s outstanding performance drew tremendous accolades from critics and fans alike, as well as from an NFL Hall of Famer, underscoring the importance of his accomplishment. The three-time Super Bowl victor quickly reached out to Miller and offered the young star some words of support.

“That was an NFL out route—man, you made a play,” Irvin said.

Irvin was Deion’s long-time friend, hence he did not lose any chance to encourage his friend and his team for his new journey in Colorado.

Omarion Miller celebrates historic achievement

Three weeks after Sanders transferred from Jackson State to the Buffaloes and joined his father in Colorado, Omarion Miller joined the team on December 24. On Saturday, Shedeurs needed Miller, and the receiver was outstanding in helping his side despite ultimately falling short of victor.

With his 196 yards on seven catches, the game’s featured player broke the Buffaloes’ record for the most receiving yards by a freshman. The fans of the Buffaloes also witnessed some top-notch celebrations from the receiver. Among them, one of them gained the attention of the football world after a touchdown catch from quarterback Shedeur.

Omarion Miller

Following the receiver’s historic achievement, Shedeur said that despite Miller’s performance in his prior games, the quarterback had complete faith and confidence in his receiving partner. Miller, in his opinion, has the ability to play a significant role in their offense.

“I’ve been telling him, ‘Bro, I need you to step up,’ even from day one. Whenever he was just out in summer workouts, I told him, ‘You could be a big part of the offense, or you could just have a freshman year and wait. It’s up to you.’”

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