Who is John Morgan III stretched off field after sustaining brutal injury during Arkansas vs Texas A&M?

Texas A&M defeated Arkansas 34-22 on Saturday, continuing their dominance over their rivalry, as John Morgan III’s team was unable to counteract the star-studded defense of Texas A&M. Nevertheless, the John Morgan III team encountered double problems that evening.

The play-by-play battle, which had been fiercely contested from the start, took a depressing turn when John Morgan III had to leave the field before learning the outcome owing to a serious injury.

Who is John Morgan III?

John is an Arkansas Razorbacks defensive lineman who moved to Arkansas prior to the 2023 season. He spent the five years before that in Pittsburgh, where he amassed 14 sacks across 47 games. Before their latest battle against Texas A&M, the DL played for Arkansas in two games and registered two sacks.

Reportedly, in a play that didn’t entail much contact, John Morgan collapsed on the field in the fourth quarter of the game. As a result, the play was temporarily paused, and the defensive lineman was quickly loaded onto a cart and sent to the hospital.

John Morgan
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His horrific injury left everyone in the stadium speechless, and the players from both sides knelt. However, once Morgan was removed from the field, play continued.

 John Morgan III injury update

As reported by SEC Network reporter Alyssa Lang following her chat with Arkansas sports director Hunter Yurachek, the Maryland native is now in a much better situation as he is now able to talk and move.

“He was talking. He was able to move. I talked to Arkansas athletics director Hunter Yurachek, and he was told by the trainers that he was dealing kind of with his neck getting snapped back, and he had tenderness and pain in the neck area.”

John Morgan
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However, Yurachek also said that because Morgan had claimed to have neck problems throughout the event, precautions were taken by the Arkansas trainers, who bound him to a backboard.

“So, precautionary protocol is to begin him to the hospital anytime there is any kind of neck pain, but it is, at this point, precautionary because of the nature of where the pain and the injury occurred.”

In addition, Arkansas head coach Sam Pittman provided the latest information on Morgan’s health and assured that everything is alright right now.

“He had movement everywhere. He visited with me, he said ‘Coach, I’m fine.'”

Hopefully, the linebacker will bounce back soon, donning the jersey of the Arkansas Razorbacks.


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