One mistake exposed LeBron James’ wedding crashers in astounding anecdote

LeBron James can easily be identified as one of those fortunate people who live their life to the fullest on both professional and personal levels. Apart from dominating the court for two decades, LeBron also lives a loving life with his high-school sweetheart Savannah James.

The couple often provide the fans with a glimpse of their beautiful life with three children. Their special relationship is also evident to teammates and friends as Michael Beasley revealed LeBron’s $100K flex that will surely earn the Lakers forward some love points. But an incident during their wedding still amazes LeBron including his dear guests.

LeBron James reveals how two intruders crashed at his wedding

LeBron James and Savannah Brinson wanted to celebrate their wedding party with family and close friends but two uninvited guests crashed into the ceremony.

The Lakers legend shared an anecdote on the podcast ‘Uninterrupted’ regarding uninvited guests at his wedding. LeBron James recounted how he had two unknown individuals crashing the event, with their presence initially going unnoticed. It was one of his celebrity friends who inadvertently exposed them.

The 4-time NBA Champion said, “A famous friend came by and called them by their real names, which neither of us use.” Continuing the story LeBron James said, “They walk by and say, ‘What’s up, Paul,’ and you’re like, ‘Who the hell is Paul?’ So you come up to me, kind of, ‘Hey LeBron, do you know this person?'”

On being questioned by LeBron James’ personal security team the crashers tried to escape from the situation by saying that were escorting one of his guests. But nobody accepted having any connection with them.

LeBron once found himself at the center of a wedding ceremony

Meeting one’s hero is a dream but it doubles the happiness if it’s on their wedding day. Something similar happened to Miami natives Jamie and Shaun.

On June 23, 2013, a couple of days after fulfilling his wish to win the NBA Championship title with the Heat, LeBron James was at Ritz-Carlton Coconut Grove, Miami, to meet a reporter. Shaun and his fiancée had their wedding ceremony in the same hotel. When they saw LeBron James, they approached him for a few pictures, and he agreed.

Their wedding eventually turned into a celebrity wedding as described by Shaun, “The crazy part for me was that we had the wedding photographer taking our picture, plus 50-60 people taking pictures right next to our photographer.”

Jaime sarcastically said that Shaun was so thrilled by LeBron’s presence that he was like, “‘That’s enough!’ ‘We don’t need to get married anymore.’” Just after LeBron made the couple’s wedding special, he himself got married to Savannah in September of the same year.

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