Patrick Mahomes issues encouraging words amidst drops after Patriots win: “I’m gonna keep throwing it back to them”

The Kansas City Chiefs brought an end to their two-game losing streak in Week 15. Despite the offensive firepower led by stars Patrick Mahomes and Travis Kelce, the team faced notable challenges on the offensive front. Nevertheless, with the backing of their defensive prowess, they secured victories in numerous matchups.

Amid their periodic struggles in the pass-catching department, the Chiefs secured a 27-17 victory over the New England Patriots in Week 15. Nevertheless, the win did little to conceal the ongoing challenges faced by the Chiefs’ receivers, leaving Mahomes to address the issue following the game.

Patrick Mahomes sends a clear message to Chiefs’ receivers

In his post-game press conference, when questioned about the team’s efforts to minimize drops, Patrick Mahomes acknowledged the inherent difficulty in completely eliminating such errors. Yet he made it clear about his commitment to keep firing the ball to his receivers, expressing confidence in their ability to make plays despite occasional setbacks.

“You will never be able to eliminate it completely. All you can do is work at it, and the guys know that I’m going to keep firing the ball. That’s just who I am. I’m gonna keep firing the ball to the open guy and letting them go out there and try to make plays,” he said, per NBC Sports.

Despite the Chiefs’ overall success, the issue of dropped passes has persisted throughout the season, prompting Mahomes to underline the importance of his receivers having confidence in their abilities. He pointed out the significant role these drops have played in the team’s challenges this year, yet conveyed trust in his teammates’ dedication and determination to improve.

“Obviously, it happened a little bit there at the end of the game. I think it’s just, the guys gotta have the confidence to know that I’m gonna keep throwing it back to them and they gotta make the plays happen. It’s part of football.”

Nevertheless, the win over the Patriots did not mask the glaring flaws in the Chiefs’ offense. While they are on track to end the season with a winning record, concerns linger about the team’s offensive struggles, which have prevented them from achieving the dominance seen in previous seasons.

Receiver Kadarius Toney, in particular, found himself at the center of attention during a critical moment in the fourth quarter. Despite the Chiefs holding a comfortable 27-10 lead, Toney’s unfortunate bobble turned a routine reception into an avoidable interception for the Patriots. Mahomes was visibly frustrated with his receivers’ play.

This incident adds to a pattern of missteps for Toney throughout the season. With Week 15’s drop echoing his infamous late-game offside penalty in Week 14, for which Pat yelled at the officials and digested a hefty fine. Apart from Toney, Rashee Rice’s missed catches were also noteworthy.

Both of them made a place in the list of worst drop percentages among wide receivers in the NFL. Toney grabbing the second spot with 10.5% and Rice graphing the third spot with 9.5% missed catches.

Chiefs defense steals the show in victory over Patriots

At Gillette Stadium on Sunday afternoon, the Chiefs secured their ninth victory of the season, overcoming offensive struggles against the Patriots. While the Chiefs’ offensive performance left much to be desired, the spotlight shifted to the stellar performance of their defense, which played a pivotal role in clinching the win.

The Chiefs’ defense finished the game with an exclamation point by forcing a turnover on downs deep in the Patriots’ own territory. It marked the culmination of an outstanding day for the defensive unit.

Kansas City’s defense forced six punts and limited the Patriots to a mere 206 yards of total offense. Impressively, excluding the Patriots’ two touchdown drives, one of which had a favorable starting position at the Chiefs’ 29-yard line was the team’s 116 total yards during the entire afternoon.

The defensive effort, highlighted by four sacks, became a crucial factor in securing the victory. A pivotal moment came with an interception by linebacker Gay, a play that undoubtedly shifted the momentum firmly in Kansas City’s favor.

The support from the Chiefs’ defense showcased their resilience and ability to step up when needed. Despite offensive challenges, the defense ensured that Patrick Mahomes’ team achieved its 11th consecutive winning season under the leadership of Head Coach Andy Reid. 

This impressive stretch stands as the longest active streak in the NFL, setting the Chiefs apart from other teams with a significant margin of seven seasons.

As the Chiefs look ahead to the remainder of the season and the upcoming playoffs, the reliable performance of their defense becomes a crucial asset. 

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