Red Bull ace Max Verstappen’s F1 trophy finds new purpose as Christmas card display

As the off-season started following the conclusion of the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix, Formula 1 drivers raced the holiday season, having fun along the way. Among them, Max Verstappen, who has had his fair share of glories throughout the season, has chosen a distinctive approach to celebrating Christmas.

Instead of merely show casing his hard-earned trophy, Verstappen has found a way to use it for Christmas festivities as spotted by his fans.

Verstappen repurposes 2023 F1 trophy for Christmas cards

Max Verstappen’s impressive driving skills on the track have not only secured him the 2023 Drivers’ Championship this season but have also given him the opportunity to use his trophies as a Christmas decoration this holiday. In a recent social media post, the Dutch sensation was seen using his latest championship trophy as a Christmas card.

Fans are all aware of Verstappen’s dominance this season, clinching trophies of all kinds. With this being the third championship trophy in his possession, questions naturally arise about where Verstappen keeps these awards. However, the questions were cleared as soon as the Dutch driver was seen blending the championship trophy into the Christmas decorations, utilizing it in his own festive way.

The trophy was found serving a significant purpose by supporting a Christmas card on a cluttered table, surrounded by the presence of a Red Bulll themed fridge.

While the exact whereabouts of the remaining two trophies remain uncertain, there is playful speculation that Verstappen might be utilizing them somewhere else as festive decor, perhaps to hold stockings above the fireplace while waiting for Santa Claus to arrive.

Max Verstappen brushes off concerns over 2026 engine changes

Max Verstappen remains unworried about the prospect of Red Bull facing challenges with the all-new engine regulations set to debut in 2026. The current dominant force in Formula 1 has been collaborating with Ford to design and build their own engines for their upcoming regulations.

Despite recent concerns voiced by Christian Horner regarding the 2026 engine rules, where drivers might be required to lift the throttle on straights to conserve electrical power, Verstappen remains optimistic. The three-time World Champion emphasizes that such challenges do not outweigh the advantages of new challenges.

While acknowledging the potential drawbacks, he seems to underscore the broader perspective that the advantages gained from the new regulations could outweigh any inconveniences. The collaboration with Ford adds an additional exciting layer for fans eager to witness how this partnership will shape the future of the Red Bull team in 2024.

He said in German, “I don’t think we’re stupid. But we’ll find out how good it will be.”

Will Red Bull be able to keep their dominance constant in the upcoming few years? Tell us in the comment section below.


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