Patrick Mahomes labeled ‘little baby’ after video of Chiefs’ QB messing with Justin Tucker goes viral

The Kansas City Chiefs, under the leadership of quarterback Patrick Mahomes, are reaching new heights every season. They have just played their sixth consecutive AFC Championship game, along with successfully advancing to the Super Bowl finale by beating the Baltimore Ravens. They are the defending Lombardi Trophy owners and are looking to be the first franchise to repeat the accolade since the New England Patriots in the 2003 and 2004 seasons.

However, the AFC Championship Game between the Ravens and the Chiefs wasn’t short of drama, and it wasn’t all confined to the plays on the field. Before the game even began, a heated exchange between Ravens kicker Justin Tucker and Patrick Mahomes stole some of the spotlight.

Fan slam Patrick Mahomes for messing with Justin Tucker

The pre-game warmup period is usually a time for players to loosen up, stretch, and mentally prepare for the game ahead. However, in the clash between the Chiefs and the Ravens, tensions flared even before kickoff, thanks to an incident involving Patrick Mahomes and Justin Tucker.

Tucker is known for warming up on the opponent’s side of the field, and he continued the trend today as well. The Ravens star faced interference from Mahomes, who continuously disrupted his practice routine, as per CBS Sports.

The Chiefs QB later took an active role in the confrontation by tossing Tucker’s tee aside repeatedly, visibly frustrating the kicker. Despite the exchange of words between the two players, the Ravens veteran remains steadfast, and opted to stay in the same spot for his practice kicks. The back-and-forth escalated when Pat immediately picked up the holder after Tucker set it down.

The incident drew strong reactions from fans, with some labeling Mahomes as “a little baby.”

A netizen wrote,” Mahomes being a little baby what else is new.”

Some fans even wished to see Mahomes smashed by a victory from the Ravens side, albeit the result was something else.

A fan wrote,” cant wait for Mahomes to get cracked and be down like a little baby.”

Meanwhile, the incident also sparked comparisons, with one user speculating how differently the situation would be perceived if it were Ravens quarterback Lamar Jackson in Mahomes’ place.

A user wrote, “Imagine Lamar did this to butker.”

The incident didn’t end there. Tensions spilled over to midfield after both teams returned from their locker rooms fully geared up for the game. It raised eyebrows as there is typically ample space on the field for teams to conduct their warm-ups without interference. The videos circulating online didn’t offer a clear explanation as to why the two sides found themselves sharing the same practice space.

Travis Kelce throws Justin Tucker’s equipment during warmup

Following Patrick Mahomes’ altercation with Justin Tucker, the Chiefs tight end Travis Kelce couldn’t help being involved in the matter. The ravens star diligently stretched near the goal line when Kelce walked through the row of footballs and tossed his equipment aside. The intensity escalated when the TE threw Tucker’s helmet into the end zone, leaving the Ravens star watching with a smirk from a distance.

Despite the pregame antics, the Chiefs, and Patrick Mahomes, managed to secure a hard-fought victory at M&T Bank Stadium. They fought incredibly and clinched the AFC championship with a 17-10 win over the Ravens.

Mahomes showcased his prowess by completing 30 of 39 passes for 241 yards and a crucial touchdown. Kelce also moonlighted as a hero by catching all 11 of his targets, and amassing 116 yards while contributing a touchdown to seal the deal. The Alpine F1 owner duo will now play against the San Francisco 49rs to earn the coveted Super Bowl LVIII in February.

Will Patrick Mahomes be able to lead the Chiefs to Super Bowl title this season? Tell us what you think in the comments section.


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