Patrick Mahomes praising Xavier Worthy sparks potential draft to Chiefs: “Secure that pick Veach”

The NFL Combine 2024 has been a focal point for numerous high-profile draft prospects, including Caleb Williams, Jayden Daniels, and Drake Maye. Despite these stars opting to skip certain aspects of the combine, the emergence of Texas Longhorns receiver Xavier Worthy has captivated attention with his extraordinary performance.

Xavier Worthy’s standout display at the combine hasn’t gone unnoticed. It soon drew recognition from NFL icons Patrick Mahomes and Tyreek Hill, who both offered words of admiration for the talented draft prospect.

Patrick Mahomes’ remark on Xavier Worthy ignites possible draft for Chiefs

The Kansas City Chiefs are eyeing a historic third consecutive Super Bowl victory, but to achieve this feat, they recognize the need for a revamped wide receiver corps. One standout prospect catching the attention of star quarterback Patrick Mahomes is Xavier Worthy, whose exceptional performance has sparked Mahomes’ interest in bringing him onto the roster.

Worthy’s blazing speed turned heads at the combine, particularly with his remarkable 40-yard dash time of 4.25 seconds on his first attempt. Mahomes, impressed by Worthy’s display, took to social media to express his astonishment, labeling the feat as “crazy” in a post on his X account.

Not content with his initial record-breaking run, Worthy continued to impress, clocking an even faster time of 4.22 seconds in his second attempt at the 40-yard dash. Mahomes, once again, was astounded by Worthy’s performance. He remained quick to share his amazement on social media, acknowledging the achievement with a lighthearted “my bad 4.22…” accompanied by three emojis.

With the official 40-yard dash time now confirmed, the college star solidifies his status as the fastest participant ever recorded at the combine, boasting an impressive time of 4.21 seconds. This remarkable speed presents a draft prospect for the Chiefs offense, which has been craving explosive plays from its wide receivers throughout the regular season.

Following Pat’s endorsement, fans wasted no time expressing their desire for the receiver to join the Chiefs roster, flooding the comment section with enthusiastic pleas.

“Secure that pick Veach,” remarked one eager fan, echoing the sentiments of many others who hoped to see the talented receiver donning a Chiefs jersey.

While the Chiefs’ receiving corps had standout performers like Rashee Rice, the team lacked consistent explosiveness beyond him. The addition of Worthy, with his unparalleled speed, has the potential to revolutionize Kansas City’s offensive strategy. He is expected to offer Mahomes a game-changing weapon capable of stretching opposing defenses and opening up new avenues for scoring.

Tyreek Hill lauds Xavier Worthy after 40-yard record dash at NFL Combine

Xavier Worthy’s electrifying performance at the NFL Combine didn’t just capture the attention of Patrick Mahomes. It also drew admiration from Miami Dolphins’ standout receiver Tyreek Hill. Unable to contain his amazement, Hill took to his X account to commend Worthy, expressing his awe with the words, “4.2 is crazy sheesh.”

Hill, who proudly identifies himself as the “Cheetah” and often flaunts his own exceptional speed, seemed genuinely impressed by Worthy’s record-setting run. The endorsement from a receiver known for his speed adds a pile of recognition to the Leghorns star’s remarkable achievement at the Combine.

Worthy’s speed not only earned accolades from fellow players but also etched his name in history by surpassing the mark set by John Ross in 2017, per 247 Sports.

In a press conference preceding the Combine, Worthy confidently stated his goal of running a “4.2” in the 40-yard dash, leaving little doubt about his aspirations for speed supremacy.

As Worthy fulfilled his ambition with a stunning 4.21-second 40-yard dash, his bold claim and name seem to align perfectly. The name “Worthy” now resonates not just as a name but as a symbol of his deserving place among the fastest in the NFL.

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