Fans roast Jake Paul after first round KO victory against Ryan Bourland: “The biggest scammer ever”

Jake Paul kept his winning streak intact in professional boxing against Ryan Bourland, the most accomplished boxer he has faced to date. After his sole loss in boxing which was against Tommy Fury, the younger half-brother of WBC heavyweight champion Tyson Fury, Paul has now won three bouts in a row.

Even though Paul has taken the traditional professional boxers’ route after his victory over Nate Diaz, boxing fans have often criticized Paul for cherry-picking opponents. Similar is the case after the victory against Bourland as they once again threw jibes at the boxer.

Jake Paul puts Ryan Bourland to sleep in round one

Jake Paul made it two first-round finishes in a row with a TKO victory over Ryan Bourland in Puerto Rico. Unlike his previous fight against Andre August who was unable to mount any type of serious offense and was knocked out cold, Bourland had some success with his jabs and movement, but Paul was superior in it.

The finish came after Paul stunned Bourland with a right hand which made Bourland shell up at the corner. Smelling blood, Paul poured his left and right hooks into the head of his opponent before referee Luis Pabon stepped in to call the fight off.

Bourland fell on his knees immediately after the referee stopped Paul from further onslaught. Paul called out Canelo Alvarez after the victory which most likely won’t get a response.

Initially set as the co-main event of Amanda Serrano versus Nina Meinke, the fight between Paul and Bourland became the final fight of the evening as the Puerto Rico Athletic Commission declared Serrano medically unfit to compete due to an eye injury she suffered a day before per the Mirror.

Jake Paul’s Most Value Promotions offered a refund for the tickets as the main event did not proceed as promised. Nonetheless, Serrano vowed to come back and fight again in her homeland in the immediate future.

Fans brutally troll Jake Paul despite win

Boxing fans had already been against Jake Paul for alleged cherry-picking claims, and it did not subside even after the victory over Ryan Bourland who sported a 17-2 professional record and also was a Golden Gloves champion. Fans made their thoughts known via tweets and almost all of it were against Paul.

“The biggest scammer ever”, commented one fan who found the boxing fight between Paul and Bourland to be a scam. It is not the first time that fans have found ways to diminish Paul’s accomplishments as his brutal knockout of Tyron Woodley was also met with similar remarks from the boxing community.

“fake fight”, commented another fan who did not feel that Paul’s fight with Bourland met the professional standards of boxing. Paul’s previous fight against Andre August also had the same response from fans, particularly after Paul knocked August out cold with a powerful uppercut in round 1.

Nonetheless, Paul is determined to keep his professional boxing journey running with his nuanced approach. Up next for Paul is his commitment to Team USA Boxing as part of the recent deal he signed.

What do you think of Jake Paul’s victory over Ryan Bourland? Is it legitimate? Leave your thoughts below!


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