Patriots legend Rob Gronkowski questions Cowboys’ mental toughness following disappointing road defeat vs Bills

Rob Gronkowski has been the undisputed leader on the offensive side of the New England Patriots and Tampa Bay Buccaneers. The tight end has been labeled the GOAT in his position due to his remarkable performance on the field throughout his almost two-decade career in the NFL.

Gronkowski has now retired from the league and is enjoying the NFL seasons from his couch. Like other former football players, the ex-NFL star also repeatedly shares his football insights with sports enthusiasts. Though Gronk doesn’t usually take a jab at any team, he delivered criticism towards the Dallas Cowboys following their recent loss against the struggling Buffalo Bills.

Gronkowski sounds alarm on Cowboys

Days ago, Cowboys owner Jerry Jones lamented over his team’s failure to win close games, although they picked up consecutive wins following that before the Week 15 loss. The team faced a scathing critique following their recent blowout defeat against the Buffalo Bills, with Rob Gronkowski shedding light on what he perceives as a concerning lack of mental toughness within the team.

In a candid discussion during the “FOX Overtime” show post their loss, Gronk raised eyebrows about the franchise’s ability to perform under pressure. The ex-NFL star’s pointed remarks highlighted the Cowboys’ inability to secure pivotal victories on the road, especially when confronted with adverse weather conditions and hostile atmospheres.

“When you’re a team and you can’t go on the road and win a big game in a hostile environment with weather that isn’t on, you know, on your side, isn’t in your favor, it means you’re not mentally tough and the Dallas Cowboys are not a mentally tough football team. That being said it has been shown last year in the playoff. It has been shown the year before in the playoffs”, he said via The Messenger.

The TE discussed the team’s struggles by highlighting their shortcomings in significant games, notably citing their recent defeat against the Buffalo Bills. The statistics from Sunday’s game painted a grim picture for the Cowboys, managing a mere 195 total offensive yards and 10 points. Despite a prior five-game winning streak, Gronk’s analysis honed in on a recurring issue haunting the Cowboys when facing high-stakes matchups.

The veteran made the case against the team’s mental toughness by bringing up past defeats, such as the blowout against the 49ers, a recent slip-up against the Eagles, and the demolition at the hands of the Bills.

Rob Gronkowksi shares thoughts on Bill Belichick coaching beyond the Patriots

Tom Brady and Rob Gronkowski had their careers flourish under Belichick’s guidance. Their tenure with the Patriots saw unparalleled success, with the team reigning as the league leader. However, contrasting the glory days, the Patriots’ current standing paints a starkly different picture, now considered one of the worst teams in the league.

Amidst the rough patch in Belichick’s coaching career, TB12 has consistently shown support and respect for his former mentor. Gronk, echoing Tom Terrific’s sentiments, vocalized his skepticism about the Patriots’ coaching elsewhere in 2024. He mentioned the monumental impact of the coach’s two-decade dynasty, hinting at the potential surprise that a career shift might bring.

“I would be surprised for him to go to a different team. It would just be really weird, first off. It would just be weird seeing him on another team. I mean, he’s been with New England for so long.”

The former NFL player showed his respect for Belichick by highlighting the coach’s exceptional knowledge of the game and the significant impact he had in his own growth as a player. Gronk showcased Belichick’s lasting legacy as one of the greatest coaches in NFL history, solidifying his impact as both a strategic mastermind and a mentor who shaped players both personally and professionally.

“I kind of feel like, yeah, this season is really rough, but he is still one of the greatest coaches of all time. There’s no doubt about that. I played for him. I learned from him. He helped develop me to be the player that I was. There’s no doubt about that. And he, if he’s not one of the greatest coaches of all time, he is the greatest coach of all time. He knows his football inside and out. I saw it firsthand every single day. There’s no doubt about that”, Gronk added.

However, the recent scenario of the Patriots under Belichick’s leadership has been a deviation from their historic dominance. Since Tom Brady and Rob Gronkowski left the Patriots, the HC is having troubles maintaining his legacy, and the team has also reportedly decided to part ways with the veteran following the 2023 NFL season.


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