Kareem Jackson suspension: how much money has the Broncos safety lost this season through multiple fines?

Apart from providing players with opportunities to display their skills, the NFL is known for rewarding its athletes with substantial contracts. Nevertheless, in the case of Denver Broncos safety Kareem Jackson, luck seems to be elusive, preventing him from fully capitalizing on these opportunities.

Instead of reaping financial rewards in the NFL, Jackson finds himself on the losing end, facing significant fines due to repeated instances of rough play on the field that resulted in injuries to opposing team players.

How much money has Kareem Jackson lost this season?

Since the start of the season, Kareem Jackson has been in the headlines due to a web of fines, suspensions, and lost wages, a result of his aggressive and hard-hitting playing style that clashes with the league’s evolving standards. This season, Jackson has sacrificed a staggering $928,002 in salary due to multiple fines and a six-game suspension, later reduced to four games.

The 14-year veteran contended that he was unfairly targeted by the league. In an attempt to seek clarity on how to adapt his playing style to align with the NFL’s contemporary emphasis on player safety, Jackson turned to NFL Vice President of Football Operations Jon Runyan and appeals officer Derrick Brooks. Nevertheless, his quest for answers left him frustrated and uncertain about the path forward.

“So, I’m not really sure how I protect myself, make plays and protect them, as well. But that’s what I was told. And I’m not really sure what I do moving forward as far as playing this game. So, hopefully, I’ll figure it out.”

Despite seeking clarification from NFL authorities, Jackson remains in the dark about how to modify his playing style without compromising his effectiveness on the field.

“I’m just going to try to lower my target and hopefully don’t end up in the same situation,” he added.

In a bid to address his concerns, Jackson even secured a meeting with NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell, yet the outcome was far from optimistic. Jackson’s second suspension was triggered by a hard hit on Vikings quarterback Joshua Dobbs in Week 11, which garnered much criticism from his fans.

Kareem Jackson’s contract with Broncos

Earlier this season, Kareem Jackson inked a one-year, $5 million contract with the Denver Broncos, featuring a team-friendly structure that emphasizes flexibility and collaboration. The deal includes $4.75 million in guaranteed money, showcasing the Broncos’ commitment to veteran safety.

Breaking down the specifics of Jackson’s contract, he is set to receive a base salary of $2.515 million coupled with a signing bonus of $152,500, as reported by Spotrac. Notably, the NFL’s Veteran Salary Benefit rule ensures that Jackson’s 2023 salary cap hit remains modest at $1,317,500, providing the Broncos with crucial financial flexibility.

The negotiations leading to Jackson’s return to Denver involved ongoing discussions throughout the offseason. However, it was a pivotal face-to-face meeting with the new Broncos head coach, Sean Payton, that ultimately sealed the deal. 

Jackson emphasized that his decision to resign from the Broncos was not solely based on financial considerations. Speaking about the market and his career’s current stage, it was not something he expected. 

“Obviously, we would love to get a few extra dollars here and there if we can, but we understand the group of guys we have here and what we can do this year. I’ve played for a long time. I’ve made a pretty penny. It’s not all about the money. It’s all about coming here and dealing with a great group of guys.”

Nevertheless, the contractual arrangement provides flexibility for both parties. If the Broncos opt to part ways with their vet player, the team would incur a modest $152,500 hit in salary cap space while saving the remaining $1.165 million.

What’s your take on Jackson’s frustration with his contract and the NFL’s hefty fines for him?

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