Paul George causes trouble in family after Kiyan Anthony acknowledges the Clippers star as GOAT over father Carmelo

Paul George, in his 14-year career, has established himself as one of the best defensive players in the league. Along with his sharp shooting and vision on the court, the steal artist has all the tools needed to go toe-to-toe with the NBA’s elites.

Just like PG-13, Carmelo Anthony was also regarded as one of the best players in the league with his shooting and ball handling skills. Choosing between them can be a hard task but for Melo’s own son, the task is far from difficult. His son, Kiyan, has a straightforward answer to the GOAT debate and his answer has not made things easy with his mother, La La Anthony.

Carmelo Anthony’s son chooses Paul George as GOAT

During an episode of Complex Sports, La La Anthony paired up with her son, Kiyan for a Q/A session. While both disclosed their tastes in various matters, things got tense when it came to basketball.

Carmelo’s ex-wife explained why her son was the GOAT to her when the subject was raised. “Cause for nine months of my life, I threw up every single day. Nine times a day. Laid on a cold bathroom floor cause I had the worst and the most difficult pregnancy ever. So that is why, seeing you now on the court and being so amazing make your mom so proud and you are my GOAT basketball player,” said the actress.

But when it came to Kiyan, he flat-out snubbed his father in favor of Paul George which left La La shocked.

Kiyan declared, “My GOAT is Paul George. Paul George is the best player ever. Kobe [Bryant], Paul George…Carmelo Anthony. Obviously, he’s the GOAT. There are levels though.”

This left his mother fuming who threw the cards on the table at her son. “The fact that you didn’t say your dad first is crazy to me,” La La said before storming off.

Paul George opened up about being GOAT for the next generation

While Kiyan has hailed Paul George as the GOAT, this is not an out-of-ordinary occurrence. 2nd pick of the 2023 NBA draft, Brandon Miller has also snubbed players like Michael Jordan, LeBron James from the GOAT conversation to put PG 13 on the throne.

During one of the episodes of “Podcast with P”, the 9-time NBA All-Star reflected back on the sentiments of the younger generation who look up to him.

“It’s amazing…It’s an honor to be someone that the young generation looks up to…I feel like I have just been relatable. Big wings that can handle, can create, be the number one option, defend, make plays…That’s ultimately what I wanted my legacy to be,” said the Clippers maestro.

The 33-year-old also mentioned how it means a lot to him to be the player that the younger ones looked up to while growing up. With the Clippers set to face the Lakers next, Paul George’s absence might be a blow to the franchise and also to the kids who eagerly wait to see their GOAT in action.

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