Paul Pierce’s admission to being better than LeBron James in clutch moments leaves fans in splits: “Isn’t better than Jimmy Butler”

During his playing career, Paul Pierce clashed with many notable opponents for the top prize in the NBA. The former NBA champion has been part of a lot of memorable moments throughout the years, with some specific ones gaining distinct notoriety.

One of the players he competed against was LeBron James. PP allegedly has some resentment towards the Lakers man, and in the past, has provided some shocking assessment on LBJ. Paul Pierce is up to it again as he makes another bold claim regarding the arguable GOAT of the game.

Paul Pierce claims to be better than LeBron James

Paul Pierce had turned some heads by saying that LeBron James does not belong in the list of top five players and now he has made another bold statement by calling himself better than the Lakers superstar.

During his appearance on “All Facts, No Breaks” podcast, the 10-time All-Star took part in a game called “Facts or Fiction.” When he was asked if he was a better player than the 39-year-old in the clutch, Pierce said “Facts.”

While he might not match all of LBJ’s records, the two have the same number of game-winning buzzer-beaters (7), only behind Michael Jordan (9), Kobe Bryant (8) and Joe Johnson (8). In his 15-long seasons with the Boston Celtics, he often came through in crunch time to secure wins for his team.

Justifying his nickname “The Truth”, Paul Pierce has dropped many truth bombs in the past and surrounded himself with controversies and this one was no different. By claiming he was better than the 20-time All-Star, he caused quite a stir among the fans.

Fans divided following Paul Pierce’s remarks on LeBron James

Paul Pierce’s “Facts” quickly went viral on the internet and reached all the corners of the NBA social media circle. The NBA community could not hold themselves back from sharing their views on the former player’s statement. Here’s what the fans said on X, the social media platform formerly referred to as Twitter:

A fan trolling the former NBA star wrote, “Paul Pierce isn’t better than Jimmy Butler in the clutch, stop it Paul”.

A surprised fan commented, “NO WAY HE BELIEVES THAT? (skull emoji)”.

While another fan added, “This isn’t even a hot take cuz it’s true”.

“Anyone who watched basketball back then knows this is 100% factual”, wrote one of the fans agreeing with Pierce.

“I believe he shot 100% against the Knicks in the clutch for over a decade. Felt like that anyway”, said NYKnicksPodcast on X.

Another fan commented, disagreeing with the 46-year-old, “No player has ever been better than LeBron James in the clutch”.

While someone said, “It’s like he’s obsessed with trying to go viral”.

DIMEWORK commented, “Pierce was known for being clutch.”

A fan, acknowledging Paul’s remarkable career at the same time disagreeing with him, commented, “Pierce was Elite, but stop it lol.”

“Not even close (skull emoji)”, added another NBA fan.

Whether Paul Pierce is better than LeBron or not, his takes on everything involving Bron just keeps getting more controversial than the previous ones and knowing PP, it won’t be the last time he says something remarkable about the walking icon of the game.

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