Travis Kelce embraces ‘dad bod’ lifestyle: Travis jokes about gaining weight with brother Jason in Ohio

Travis Kelce is regarded as one of the best tight ends in the NFL right now. Back-to-back Super Bowl titles alongside Patrick Mahomes speak volumes about his caliber on the field. The Kansas City Chiefs tight end is making headlines not just for his on-field prowess but also for his off-season lifestyle choices.

Kelce was recently spotted flaunting what some have termed a “dad bod” alongside his girlfriend Taylor Swift. He has embraced his physique with characteristic humor. Meanwhile, his food tour is going on, as he made a low-key visit to Geraci’s Slice Shop.

Travis Kelce embraces ‘dad bod’ lifestyle with brother Jason

Travis recently defended his physique by humorously attributing it to enjoying life before football season resumes. Kelce, along with brother Jason, shared insights on their podcast, ‘New Heights.’

The Kelce brothers shared lighthearted banter about their off-season indulgences, including tackling an oversized pizza challenge in Cincinnati.

“I’ve seen you eat a full Bearcat all by yourself,” Jason said, referring to the oversized pizza pie that serves 10 to 12 people.

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However, Travis joked about his Super Bowl win coinciding with his weight hitting 250 pounds, suggesting it was a lucky omen for his performance on the field.

“I got back down to 250 and won a Super Bowl that year,” he said proudly but he was quick to say that he might not be willing to do it again.

The Philadelphia Eagles new player, Saquon Barkley, was a guest on the show this week. The running back asked the brother duo who would win a drinking contest between them.

Jason said, “I can definitely drink more volume, I don’t even think that’s a question.”

Travis replied, saying, “Whaaaaaat? You’re already down to 260.”

Jason said he actually weighs 283 pounds, and Travis laughed saying, “We’re in the same weight class now. It’s March! We’re in the same weight class right now.”

Travis supports Swift during her international tour, and Jason is relishing family time post-retirement from the NFL. Meanwhile, their banter is lifting everyone’s mood.

Travis Kelce visits Cleveland’s Geraci’s Slice shop

Travis Kelce visited Geraci’s Slice Shop in downtown Cleveland during a trip back to his home state of Ohio in March. He indulged in a pepperoni slice and the eatery’s renowned “Hot Tito” slice, topped with pepperoni, sausage, and hot honey drizzle.

The tight end was dressed incognito in sunglasses, a baseball cap, and a sweatshirt. He tried to blend in with his low-key attire, but the shop’s owner recognized him and snapped a photo for Geraci’s Instagram, capturing him smiling in front of a neon sign that humorously reads, “Talk pizza to me.”

The Chiefs star’s appreciation for Geraci’s isn’t new. He previously mentioned it on ‘New Heights’, praising the hidden gem in University Heights.

Meanwhile, Travis Kelce’s culinary interests extend beyond enjoying pizza as he recently partnered with teammate Patrick Mahomes to announce plans for an upscale steakhouse named 1587 Prime. This venture adds to their successful investment portfolio, which includes the popular Chicken N Pickle chain.


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