PerryCo: Redefining Sneaker Culture with Inclusivity and Style for All

Sneaker culture is a concept that transcends time and passes from generation to generation. From minimalistic Air Jordan’s to flashy Kobe Protro’s, the designs of sneakers have been timeless, capturing the hearts and minds of collectors and shoe fanatics.

A recent brand has joined this shoe culture with the slogan ‘Breaking Barriers, Inspiring Style’ and a mission to move beyond traditional gendered footwear by creating sneakers and other styles for everyone who loves them, regardless of identity.

Breaking Barriers: Women’s role in the NBA Sneaker scene

Sneaker culture, for some reason, has always revolved around men. Even though women have played a huge role in bringing unique concepts and designs to life, the success and facet of sneaker fashion have always been led by men.

Sneaker Culture
Sneaker culture was largely inspired by Michael Jordan via Nike

However, in recent times, boundaries have been broken and barriers have been crushed. Women have erupted onto the scene, carrying the energy and glamor of the ever-present sneaker culture, which has engulfed millions around the world.

In 1996, shoe designer Marni Gerber played a key role in designing the Nike Air Swoopes, which gained popularity when worn by WNBA superstar Sheryl Swoopes. Rihanna’s collaboration with Puma for her Fenty collection has been a massive success worldwide.

Sneaker Culture
The designs and styles Perry wanted were largely men’s sneakers via Getty Images

Now, Brittney Perry wants to join them and create a brand that inspires a sense of unity and togetherness in the sneaker culture. Starting from the definition she has given to the word, sneakerhead, she embodies the true spirit of the brand she’s trying to create for the people.

According to Perry, the term sneakerhead is “anyone with a love for sneakers and has a passion, regardless of the brand.” She also recollected her journey through sneaker culture, saying, “When I would go shopping for sneakers, I would always gravitate towards the men’s sneakers because they had more stuff that appealed to me. They have more options as well as there were no women’s basketball sneakers either. So we had to wear men’s sneakers.”

Now, through her brand PerryCo, the budding creator creates sneakers for everyone, literally everyone.

Unisex design revolution, sneakers for all players

Brittney Perry is singlehandedly leading the revolution of unisex sneakers, one sneaker that can be used by everyone.

The homegrown brand, which was founded on the ideals of inclusivity and simplicity came to life in 2018 with a simple idea in mind – to create a design that stood out, and more importantly that could be worn by anyone. The entrepreneur’s main aim was to change the traditional perception of the sneaker industry, and subsequently, her brand’s motto is ‘Breaking Barriers’.

Perry Co
Brittney Perry wants to change the perception and gender stereotypes of sneaker culture via Crystal Anokam

When an individual or a sneaker head wore the shoes created by Perry, she wanted them to feel a sense of “quality, versatality and style”, three attributes that has truly set her brand from the other shoe creators.

Now with over 5 years of experience as a shoe creator, Perry is making huge strides in the sneaker industry and has landed major deals with stores such as Macy’s and Wolf and Badger. PerryCo’s latest design, inspired by Perry herself, won an award at the latest Global Footwear Awards. The shoes have gain wide recognition and have also featured on major hit shows on networks like HBO.

Through her work, Brittney Perry aims to inspire little girls and want them to understand that they too can be responsible for change in an industry as vast as the sneaker culture.

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