Potential No.1 pick Caleb Williams continues to rally behind Aaron Rodgers

Caleb Williams closed his journey with the USC Trojans and announced his NFL Draft months ago. The Chicago Bears are expected to pick the quarterback with the first pick of the 2024 NFL Draft. Williams himself also revealed his excitement in a potential draft by the Bears. Meanwhile, the young star has not shied away from expressing his admiration for football greats like Aaron Rodgers, whom he thinks is the GOAT of the NFL.

In a candid interview with The Pivot, Williams revealed his early football influences. He revealed a nod to his father’s attempt to sway him towards the Washington Redskins. However, the signal-caller found himself drawn to the charisma and talent of Rodgers, making the Green Bay Packers his team of choice during Rodgers’ tenure.

“My team was Green Bay when Aaron Rodgers was there because of Aaron. I’m a player guy … I couldn’t join the bandwagon of becoming a #Jets fan. So I’m still an Aaron Rodgers fans. If he’s playing for somebody, I am going to root for him”, Williams said.

While his affinity for Rodgers may raise eyebrows among Bears fans, Williams remains steadfast in his support for the legendary quarterback. However, his allegiance to A-Rod could potentially alienate him from the passionate Bears fanbase, given Rodgers’ historic dominance over their team.

Caleb Williams picks Aaron Rodgers over Tom Brady

The GOAT title has transitioned from Joe Montana to Tom Brady, with recent contenders like Patrick Mahomes emerging. The eternal debate recently resurfaced, with a surprising twist. Caleb Williams made headlines by choosing Aaron Rodgers over Tom Brady.

Despite TB12’s unparalleled success, including seven Super Bowl victories, Williams resonated more with Rodgers’ style and approach to football.

“Winning … mentality … things like that, it’s Tom Brady. But my football GOAT is Aaron Rodgers”, the quarterback said via SI.com.

Caleb Williams
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Rodgers boasts an impressive resume, with four MVP awards and 10 Pro Bowl selections. However, his legacy is often overshadowed by the emphasis on championship rings, a criterion where Brady undeniably excels.

Meanwhile, Williams doesn’t discount Brady’s achievements. In fact, he acknowledged Brady’s standing as a football icon and aims to emulate his longevity and success. He aspires to carve out a career akin to Brady’s, including the pursuit of Brady’s record seven Super Bowl rings.


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