“Put ’em on their knee & spanked them”: Caitlin Clark earns Paul Pierce’s respect after dominating performance against LSU

Caitlin Clark has broken boundaries in the women’s basketball game like no one has ever done. The Iowa talisman is not only making a name for herself in the collegiate basketball scene but also attracting eyes to the games, whether with viewership or with external incentives.

Caitlin has already earned the praise of many top stars of the game and now another has joined the queue. The star in question is none other than NBA legend Paul Pierce. The former Celtics forward did not deter from his unique way of providing takes this time as well while lauding the female athlete.

Paul Pierce lauds Caitlin Clark for latest performance against LSU

Paul Pierce applauded the NCAA sensation Caitlin Clark for her brilliant performance in an action-filled game against the LSU Tigers with odd compliments.

The Hall of Famer started off by saying, “We saw a White girl in Iowa do it to a bunch of Black girls. That gained my respect. She didn’t do this to some other little White girls that was over here in Colorado or whatever.”

“She did this to some girls from LSU, who we thought were dogs, defending champs,” added the Boston great fascinated by Clark’s brilliance. Describing Clark’s dominance throughout the game, Pierce said, “[She] put them on her knee and spanked them. I didn’t expect that.”

It is clear from PP’s words that exactly how impressive the 22-year-old was. The Iowa star contributed 41 points while successfully converting 13 buckets out of the 29 shots she attempted from the field and additionally recording nine 3-pointers in the 94-87 victory. The guard’s commendable scoring skills helped the Hawkeyes defeat the reigning NCAA champions and proceed to face Clark’s dream team in the Final Four of the tournament.

Caitlin Clark set for match against her dream team UConn

Before committing to the Iowa Hawkeyes, Caitlin Clark wanted to be a part of UConn but much to everyone’s surprise, the university didn’t recruit the 22-year-old. She will now be taking down the UConn Huskies with an eye on the national title.

In an honest confession, the point guard had stated, “It was more I wanted them to recruit me to say I got recruited. I loved UConn. I think they’re the coolest place on Earth, and I wanted to say I got recruited by them.” Before coming to the public eye and gradually becoming the leading scorer of the NCAA, the little high school girl Caitlin dreamt of wearing the UConn jersey.

Although she did not get recruited there, her passion and dedication to Iowa never fell short. Putting the pride in her collar, the guard said, “I know a lot of little girls dream about going to all those blue bloods, but I think playing for your home state is really something special.”

Clark will lead the Hawkeyes to face off the UConn in an exciting clash on Friday night where the baller with her mesmerizing performance can show a glimpse of what the Huskies have missed out on.

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