Rajon Rondo arrest: why did Police detain 2-time NBA Champion?

Former NBA star Rajon Rondo used to be a joy to watch with his flamboyant ball movements and play orchestration, along with his insane court vision—an elite attribute for any point guard.

However, according to recent reports, things have gone south for the former Celtics and Lakers superstar after he was found to be in possession of illegal firearms, among other illegal substances, leading to the player’s untimely arrest. Rondo spent his NBA career playing for multiple teams across the league and served the Celtics the longest.

Why did Rajon Rondo get arrested?

Four-time All-Star Rajon Rondo was reported to be arrested after he was found in possession of firearms, drug paraphernalia, and marijuana. The 37-year-old established his identity around the league for his impeccable passing characteristics and his ability to run point for championship-contending teams.

Rajon Rondo
Rajon Rondo was arrested over the weekend via Getty Images

Just two years after getting drafted, Rondo proved himself to the world by winning the 2008 NBA championship along with the Boston Celtics, a massive accomplishment for the youngster at the time. As the years passed by, Rondo kept moving around teams, before he was recruited to the championship winning 2019-20 Los Angeles Lakers squad to play alongside LeBron James and Anthony James.

Rajon Rondo
Rondo is a two-time champion winning titles with the Celtics and the Lakers via USA Today Sports

However, following his arrest, it is unknown whether any of his accomplishments will matter. According to WDRB, the player was not supposed to be in possession of the firearm as he had a no-contact order taken out against him in court. As it stands, all the charges against the player are classified as misdemeanors.

The NBA player was transported to the Jackson County Jail in Indiana. This is not the first episode of Rajon Rondo’s trouble with the legal facets of life as he was allegedly very rude and showcased abusive behavior to his longtime partner, Ashley Bachelor.

Rajon Rondo’s previous firearms troubles

In 2022, Rondo’s partner, Ashley Bachelor, requested protection against Rondo after his threatening behavior startled her and the kids. According to reports, Rajon threatened to end his partner’s life while displaying a firearm openly in front of his kids, making constant threats of firing it at the children’s mother—an incident that undoubtedly scarred the kids.

Rajon Rondo
This is not Rondo’s first encounter with legal enforcement via Getty Images

Requesting an Emergency Protective Order, Ashley said, “I am extremely fearful for my safety and for the safety of my children. Rajon has a history of volatile, erratic, explosive behavior. I am beyond fearful that Rajon will return and attempt to harm myself or the children and make good on his threats to end my life.”

A few days after the alleged incident took place, Rajon Rondo was ordered to give up his firearms and stay 500 feet away from his partner. In the same year, the EPO was closed. The next year, another EPO was taken out by Ashley against Rondo before the case was closed with an agreement.

Last year, NBA superstar Ja Morant was suspended by the league for displaying firearms on an Instagram Live, following which the star missed 25 games from the start of the season. The league banned the player, citing the responsibility the player had towards the young fans of the league.

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