Buddy Matthews fires back at reporter over work criticism amid WWE return speculation

Buddy Matthews, formerly known as Buddy Murphy in WWE, has been making waves in the Pro-Wrestling scene since his departure from the promotion. The Australian star has been showcasing his skills and charisma in various promotions, including AEW, where he joined the House of Black faction led by former WWE superstar Aleister Black Matthews.

Black was rumored to come back to WWE, and they recently responded to some controversial comments made by Dave Meltzer in his Wrestling Observer Newsletter.

Buddy Matthews claps back at reporter

On January 27 edition of Collision, House of Black faced Daniel Garcia and FTR in a cage match in the main event of the show. The match was originally announced as an elimination match, but later changed to an escape the cage match, where the first team to get out of the cage would win. FTR and Garcia dominated the match and pulled the House of Black down, preventing them from escaping the cage and winning the match.

After the match Dave Meltzer made some comments about House of Black’s performance in the match. He said, “Malakai Black never does jobs, and when this was going on and I am watching this, one of the things I was thinking watching this is like, these freaking House of Black guys never do jobs. And here is the other thing. I was thinking what if they win this match and they are just going, like, two of those three guys are going to the WWE.”

Matthews did not take kindly to Meltzer’s accusations, and took to Twitter to defend himself and his faction. He responded by commenting, “For a “Reporter” he doesn’t know much of doing ANY research! lol.”

Brody King, the third member of the crew, who joined AEW in January 2024, tweeted, “Funny how someone’s opinion just becomes fact because they’ve been watching wrestling a long time. The format and stipulation of the cage match was always what it was going to be. It’s not our fault the wording on the graphic changed.”

Buddy Matthews, Malakai Black reportedly jumping ship to WWE

Both Buddy Matthews and Malakai Black joined AEW in 2022 after being released by WWE in June 2021. However, their transformation as AEW superstars didn’t make them as popular, as they were not properly utilized by the promotion. Despite being in the company for more than 2 years, they have participated in a fewer number of matches.

On the same podcast Dave Meltzer confirmed the possible return of Buddy Matthews and Malakai Black, back to WWE soon. Meltzer said, “I mean, they are going. As soon as they can go, they are gone. Even though they were treated like shit in the WWE, and they never do jobs here, and they are still going back to the WWE. And my thought is kinda like, why do you keep putting them over when you know they are leaving?”

Buddy Matthews
via WWE

Nevertheless, WWE failed to utilize them. Meltzer confirmed that they are set to leave AEW and come back to WWE. If both stars return to WWE, there are unfinished storylines waiting for them. Matthews could resume his feud with Dominik Mysterio, which was one of the most compelling stories on RAW in 2020.

On the other hand, Black could renew his rivalry with Kevin Owens, who was his last opponent in WWE before he was released. With all these rumors going around, WWE fans are expecting the homecoming of the two highly talented superstars of the modern era.


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