Rams QB Matthew Stafford’s wife Kelly was once accused of selling her husband’s NFL player ticket

The LA Rams might not have had the best start to the season, but they are certainly picking up the pace right near the business end of it. Being second in the NFC West standings behind the mighty San Francisco 49ers isn’t the best position, but the team is certainly working towards improving their playoff chances.

One player who has improved drastically in terms of performance is veteran QB Matthew Stafford. The 35-year-old has shifted gears in the second half of the season and now looks like a completely different beast when he steps on the gridiron. However, some old news resurfacing might have an effect on a good run of form.

Kelly Stafford once accused of selling Matthew’s NFL player ticket

Kelly Stafford, wife of NFL Quarterback Matthew Stafford, has been with him for upwards of 8 years. Married in 2015, the couple has trodden the highs and lows of their relationship together and have stood strong in the face of backlash. One such instance was back in 2015, when Kelly was accused of selling NFL tickets illegally on their social media pages.

Back when Matthew used to play for the Detroit Lions, Kelly Stafford was accused of selling game tickets online by the NFL community. After facing a lot of flak for the same, Kelly came out on Instagram and addressed the matter by issuing a statement that read as follows.

“Just an FYI: I bought those New Orleans Tickets to take my family to the game, but found out at the beginning of the week that my grandfather is very ill so I’m going home to see him instead. So for those of you who said I’m not going because of the season we’ve had.. There is the real reason for you, I hope you’re happy.”

She continued, “I’m also sorry for being HUMAN and wanting to see the tickets we purchased because we are not able to go. We do a lot for this community and I am beyond tired of getting badgered for this.. get over yourselves.”

Matthew Stafford celebrates Christmas eve with wife and family

Keeping all of the backlash aside, the Stafford family brought in the Christmas cheer by celebrating Christmas Eve together. In a photo shared by the LA Rams QB on Instagram, the couple is seen posing together for photos along with their four children and Santa Claus.

Stafford was seen rocking a LA Dodgers cap in the photo that garnered a lot of attention on social media. One comment read, “Merry Christmas Matthew & family. Staff, thank you for already giving us the best present – simply getting the Rams to where they are now. I didn’t expect much and this is already plenty. Everything now will be a bonus! Thanks for sporting the Dodgers hat too!!! Amazing dude.”

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