Rashee Rice car accident: impacted couple contemplating further legal action against Chiefs WR

The Kansas City Chiefs faced challenges with their receiving lineup last season, despite clinching a victory in Super Bowl LVIII. As they aim for a third consecutive Super Bowl title, fueled by Patrick Mahomes, rookie receiver Rashee Rice’s off-field issues have cast a shadow over the organization.

Following a car accident in Dallas involving Rice, the receiver finds himself entangled in legal proceedings. While formal charges have yet to be filed against him, an injured couple from the incident has surfaced, adding further complications to Rice’s off-field situation.

Injured couple reportedly contemplating further legal action against Rashee Rice

After Rashee Rice’s car accident, a Dallas couple affected by the incident is exploring their legal recourse, as reported by the Dallas Morning News. Attorney Tennessee Walker, representing the injured couple, emphasized the fundamental principle of human decency in such situations.

“They’re angry at the situation. From our perspective and their perspective, it doesn’t really matter who the people are but just the human decency element of it — the decent thing to do is to make sure that no one is harmed and comply with your legal obligations,” Walker said.

The couple, en route to a friend’s 50th birthday celebration, found themselves in the path of two vehicles. Rice allegedly operated one of these cars, which collided with their white Lexus SUV. The impact caused their vehicle to spin across the highway before striking a wall. Both drivers purportedly fled the scene on foot, as captured in video footage.

Following the incident, the couple was transported to a hospital for medical attention and is currently recuperating at home. Unfortunately, the woman sustained a significant laceration on her left eye, resulting in several stitches and extensive swelling and discoloration of the eye socket.

Charges against Rashee Rice so far

Rashee Rice is facing some legal issues following the car accident in Dallas. Rice may be subject to a third-degree felony charge, which could result in a sentence of two to 10 years in prison. The accident happened on 75 Northbound right before 6:30 PM and it involved a Lamborghini and a Corvette. A collision occurred, causing a chain reaction that involved six vehicles and resulted in injuries to six people.

During a press conference, Rice’s attorney, Royce West, confirmed that Rice was driving the Lamborghini Urus involved in the collision. Additionally, Dallas police discovered 10.8 grams of marijuana in his vehicle at the time of the accident, as reported by WFAA.

In a statement released on Monday, the Chiefs’ Super Bowl-winning receiver acknowledged his involvement in the crash, expressed cooperation with authorities, and pledged to address the situation responsibly.

Till now, both the NFL and the Kansas City Chiefs, Rice’s team, have refrained from issuing statements regarding the incident.

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