Report: Introduction of football governance bill to stop Premier League clubs from joining breakaway Super League

The Super League was a big deal a few years ago. Some of the biggest clubs in Europe planned to form a breakaway league to challenge the status quo, which would be UEFA. For many years now, UEFA has been in charge of elite club competitions, and these clubs felt they weren’t getting enough financial perks for everything they brought to the table.

When it launched, English clubs like Manchester United, Liverpool, Chelsea, Manchester City, Tottenham, and Arsenal tried to join the Super League. However, the move was unsuccessful. A new governance bill is now being introduced to prevent any future attempts to join the Super League by English clubs.

Premier League clubs’ hindrance in joining Super League

Amidst reports that the European Super League has won its fight against FIFA and UEFA to gain approval to establish a breakaway competition, Premier League clubs may be unable to join the competition due to a new bill that’s set to be passed later in 2024 by the UK government.

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This was reported earlier today by The Telegraph’s Ben Rumsby, which came a few hours after the ruling was delivered in favor of the ESL.

“I’m told that the new Football Governance Bill will stop licensed clubs from joining breakaway competitions. So, no chance of Premier League teams joining a rebel Super League unless they want to be thrown out of English football,” the reporter said.

This might not be taken well by the ‘big six’ in England, who had been prepared to be a part of the European Super League. These clubs include Manchester United, Arsenal, Tottenham, Chelsea, Liverpool, and Manchester City, all of whom expressed their interest in joining the league despite the heavy warnings from fans.

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Super League project back on track

After an initial ban by FIFA and UEFA, a court ruling has gone the ESL’s way, with the league now expected to roll out big plans in preparation for the future of European football.

The European Union’s top court ruled in favor of the European Super League project earlier this week, claiming UEFA and FIFA had abused their dominant position by banning clubs from competing in the league before its inception.

It’s important to know that the successful launch of the European Super League would effectively spell the end of the UEFA Champions League, as most of the competition’s participants would be vying to play in the new league as founding members.

Although Barcelona and Real Madrid are the remaining members of the proposed ESL, more clubs are expected to join the breakaway league in the coming months.

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