Richard Jefferson uses Michael Jordan, Kobe Bryant analogy to assess Stephen Curry, Magic Johnson debate

A heated discussion has broken out during the NBA’s summer doldrums over Stephen Curry’s recent assertion that he is the league’s all-time greatest point guard. Fans and players alike have spoken out in response to this comment, with Richard Jefferson offering an especially outspoken viewpoint.

While it is undeniable that Curry is adding to his legend as one of the greatest point guards of all time, retired NBA star Jefferson strongly disputes this claim. According to him, the chasm between Magic Johnson and Curry is much larger than the one between Michael Jordan and Kobe Bryant, two other basketball greats. This point of view shows how heated conversations about past NBA rankings continue to be amongst fans and retired players.

Richard Jefferson drops Jordan-Kobe analogy in Curry-Magic argument

During an appearance on Gilbert Arenas’ podcast, the normally modest Stephen Curry declared himself and Magic Johnson to be the two best point guards of all time, causing quite a commotion in the basketball world. More fuel was added to the fire over Curry’s comments when Richard Jefferson and Channing Frye, both former teammates of LeBron James, highlighted the issue on their show “Road Trippin’.”

To illustrate the distinction between Magic Johnson and Stephen Curry’s excellence, Jefferson and Frye used the examples of two other basketball greats, Michael Jordan and Kobe Bryant. They said it was crucial to evaluate both athletes over the course of their careers, not simply their best moments.

“The gap between him and Magic is further than the gap between Kobe and Jordan. The gap between like from the Point Guard spot, between Steph and Magic is greater than that.”

By highlighting Johnson’s incredible rookie season, in which he became the best player on the Los Angeles Lakers’ championship team, which featured luminaries like Kareem Abdul-Jabbar and Norm Nixon, Jefferson argued that the gap between Curry and Johnson’s greatness is wider than that between Jordan and Bryant.

“But the fact that Magic Johnson was a bad enough man to show up and be the best player on a Championship team as a rookie and put up 40 points? Bro, people can’t do that in their prime. He was just getting started,” Jefferson said.

Johnson has won three MVP awards, five NBA Championships, and three Finals MVP awards, whereas Stephen Curry has won two MVP awards, four NBA crowns, and one Finals MVP award. While Magic helped make the NBA a household name in the ’80s and Curry revolutionized three-point shooting in the game, both have left indelible marks on the sport and the league.

The subjective nature of making player comparisons across periods and the fervor it inspires in basketball fans is on full display in this heated discussion.

Stephen Curry stirred massive debate by declaring himself the best PG of all-time

Stephen Curry, top player for the Golden State Warriors, boasted on Gilbert Arenas’ podcast that he is the best point guard in NBA history.

After hesitating for a second, Arenas asked Curry directly if he thought he was the greatest point guard of all time, and Curry answered in the affirmative, saying, “Yes, it’s [between] me and Magic [Johnson], that’s the conversation?”

In the wake of Curry’s bold claim, basketball fans and analysts alike became heated. However, Magic Johnson’s legendary career, highlighted by five NBA titles and three MVP awards, has long been considered the gold standard for point guards, and Curry’s remarkable three-point shooting, multiple NBA championships, and unprecedented impact on the game have solidified his place in the conversation.

The already heated discussion between Kobe Bryant and Stephen Curry over who is the best point guard in NBA history was given a new boost by Curry’s bold comments.

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