Who holds the current title of WWE Women’s World Champion? Seth Rollins points out a gap in the women’s division

Rhea Ripley is the current WWE Women’s World Champion, and is the face of the Women’s division. She is also known as the Enforcer of The Judgement Day and together with her stablemates, they dominate on every show they appear in.

Rhea Ripley has worked extremely hard for the past few years to get to where she is now. She dethroned Charlotte Flair at WrestleMania 39 Night One to become the Women’s Champion. Ripley and Charlotte had quite some history prior to their match at WrestleMania, as the two have squared off before in 2020, where The Queen defeated The Enforcer to capture the NXT Women’s Championship. This time, it looks like things went Ripley’s way as she is on the top of the Women’s Division.

Who holds the current title of WWE Women’s World Champion? Explained

The current title of WWE Women’s World Champion is held by Rhea Ripley. After defeating Charlotte Flair at this year’s April Extravaganza, Ripley became the Women’s World Champion. That night, she also became the first ever Women’s Grand Slam Champion, having held titles like NXT Women’s Championship, NXT UK Women’s Championship, RAW Women’s Championship, SmackDown Women’s Championship and Women’s Tag team Championship. She is the only female wrestler in WWE history to have held all these titles.

As of now, Rhea Ripley has officially crossed 153 days as Women’s World Champion, which is almost 5 months since she became champion. She is currently involved in a heated rivalry with superstar Raquel Rodriguez, who has proved to be the perfect match for Ripley. Over the past few weeks, Rodriguez has clashed with Ripley twice, and has gotten the upper hand over the champion both times in their encounters. She has proved to be a worthy challenger to Ripley and looks forward to ending her dominant title reign at Payback this Saturday.

Rhea Ripley’s reign as Women’s Champion looks to be in a state of jeopardy, as she faces the toughest fight in her title reign yet. She has steamrolled over all of her challengers up until now. Although it won’t be an easy fight, majority of fans believe that The Enforcer of The Judgement Day will prevail at Payback.

Seth Rollins highlights a disparity in the women’s division

WWE World Heavyweight Champion Seth Rollins recently shared some light upon a few problems in the Women’s Division of WWE, and how to fix it. His wife Becky Lynch is one of the top female wrestlers of the company. However, a lot of fans have complained over the years as well, about the way WWE books their female talent.

In the latest episode of After the Bell with Corey Graves, Seth Rollins shared his thoughts on what the problem with the Women’s Division is. Over the past few years, fans have also complained that we see the same female talent every time, and also that their matches feel heavily rushed. WWE often utilizes a particular female talent more than others, which gives less opportunities for others to shine. Seth Rollins went on to say that he believes that there is a void in women’s wrestling. He also highlighted Becky Lynch’s match with Zoey Stark on Monday Night RAW this week, which although being a great match, was Stark main eventing a show for the first time in her career.

“I would say 100%. There’s a lot of space to fill there, on RAW, on SmackDown. I think absolutely there is a void. What I sense more than anything is this kind of bubbling little undercurrent from our audience, like they want something fresh and new and they want to have people to get behind. They want it, and I’m not saying these people are coming from NXT. You never know. It might be somebody that steps up, a Chelsea Green, a Piper Niven. You never know. There’s tons of women capable on our main roster at the moment, but there is like this, I’m feeling it. It’s very much like we want something more out of the women. We know it’s there and we can’t wait to see it, but there’s like a growing intrigue. There’s a growing desire to see it”, said Rollins.

It is almost universally agreeable that WWE’s Women’s Division needs proper care and booking. Given the right decisions, they definitely have the potential to do a lot better and rise up to main event status.


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