Rob Gronkowski slams Patriots’ TD celebrations as “pretty ridiculous” despite vital win over Bills

Due to Bill Belichick’s determination to prove his excellence and eclipse Don Shula as the winningest head coach in the NFL with Tom Brady-less New England Patriots, the team has been in the spotlight since the commencement of the new season. While the Patriots’ run of defeats was putting them in dire straits, the team captained by Mac Jones has stolen a convincing win from the Buffalo Bills.

Following an ongoing streak of defeats, the victory marked Belichicks’ team’s return to form in New England, and they could not help but commemorate it with loud celebrations that drew condemnation from the team’s former great star and NFL legend Rob Gronkowski.

 Patriots’ TD celebrations draw Gronkowski’s disapproval

Once an illustrious six Super Bowl winning team’s glory dashed soon after Brady left the team. Even the former team players expressed their hopelessness for their once favorite team over time.

On his appearance in the “Up and Adams’ ‘ show on Wednesday, Rob Gronkowski discussed his point of view with his former Patriots teammate Patrick Chung. Therefore, their conversations did not end without dragging the team’s recent victory over the Bills.

Though the upset victory appeared as a life savior for the team, leading Mike Gesicki to do his signature celebration dance after a game-winning touchdown, Gronk was seemingly pissed off with the celebration.

Mentioning the celebration as ” ridiculous” the retired NFL player initiated to let the Patriots player remember that it was just a regular season win, not a Super Bowl. Gronk did not mince words stating that their celebration left him in awe as it was like their first win in the NFL.

“If you asked me that celebration was pretty ridiculous, whenever we celebrated just a little bit we would get hounded. They’ve just won one game and they celebrated more than we would when we won a Super Bowl. That was like one of the most absurd celebrations, I’m like wow they won a game and they went that crazy like they acting like they have never been there before.”

Regardless of the situation, the Patriots’ victory in Week 7 allowed their head coach to go down in history as third coach in NFL with 300 regular season victories.

 Patriots secure key victory against Bills

Few of the NFL fans had trust over the Patriots to pull off the victory over the Bills. Perhaps the team also did not expect to be able to add another score after Week 7. Nevertheless, as Mac Jones shone, the team also shone and closed the night with a 29-25 victory. 

With 12 seconds left, Jones connected with Gesicki for a 1-yard touchdown throw after scoring a touchdown on a 4-yard pass to Kendrick Bourne, giving the team a 12-point lead. The quarterback outperformed the Bills vet player Josh Allen completing 25 of 30 passes for 272 yards and two touchdowns during the night  to end the Patriots’ three-game losing run.


Demario Douglas, the team’s wide receiver, put on yet another incredible display, hauling in four passes for a season-high 54 receiving yards, including two catches of at least 15 yards.

For the Bills, Josh Allen’s performance was noteworthy enough, but the night was for the Patriots to assist Belichick to secure his job as Jeff Howe assumed his tenure as the team head coach might end soon. After the victory, the Patriots team is now 2-5.

In Week 8, the team will take down another one of the top teams in the AFC 5-2 Miami Dolphins. Do you think Belichick’s team will be able to grab another upset victory?

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