Russell Wilson visits the Giants before meeting Steelers ahead of 2024 NFL free agency

Following a decade of starring for the Seattle Seahawks, Russell Wilson’s first year with the Denver Broncos fell short of expectations, resulting in a disappointing 4-11 record. While his second season saw some progress, it was marred by an unexpected setback – Wilson found himself benched for the first time in his NFL career.

With free agency underway, Wilson is on the way to exploring new opportunities outside of Denver. Now, the Broncos player is looking into options with other NFC teams, signaling a potential return to the football field with a fresh chapter in his career.

Russell Wilson meets with the Giants before the Steelers

Russell Wilson finds himself in uncharted territory as a free agent for the first time in his illustrious 12-year career. Recently, the starter was spotted at Newark Airport in New Jersey on Friday morning. According to ESPN’s Adam Schefter, the purpose of his visit was an “exploratory meeting” with the New York Giants, hinting at potential interest from both sides. Following the visit, he is now set to pay a visit to Pittsburgh for his Steelers visit.

Wilson’s journey to free agency comes on the heels of a challenging season with the Broncos, where he struggled to find his rhythm under the guidance of Nathaniel Hackett. While Sean Payton blamed Hackett for his performance, the former Seahawks player experienced a resurgence in the 2023 season under the leadership of Payton.

However, tensions between Wilson and the Broncos reached a boiling point towards the end of the season, resulting in a benching amid a trade dispute. Wilson himself acknowledged the strained relationship between him and the team, indicating a mutual lack of interest in extending their partnership.

Later, the Broncos announced their intention to release Wilson at the start of the new league year. The quarterback now has the opportunity to explore his options and meet with potential suitors before the official release. 

Explaining why Russell Wilson will get a minimum contract

Russell Wilson’s tenure with the Broncos may have come to an unexpected end, but his financial situation remains secure for the upcoming season. With a lucrative contract that includes a fully guaranteed base salary and signing bonus, Wilson is set to earn a staggering $39 million from the Broncos alone next year. 

This financial stability affords Wilson the luxury of prioritizing factors beyond money as he explores his options in free agency. For Wilson, the primary motivation now lies in securing stability for his future in the NFL while making a meaningful impact with his new team. 

With his financial needs for the upcoming season already met, Wilson has the flexibility to pursue a team-friendly deal that benefits both parties involved. By accepting a contract worth the veteran minimum, Wilson can provide his new organization with maximum cap space to restructure contracts, sign other free agents, and conduct business effectively. 

ESPN’s Jeremy Fowler had previously speculated that Wilson could indeed opt for a team-friendly deal in 2024, potentially accepting a contract worth only the league minimum. 

When the Broncos acquired the 32-year-old in 2022, they wasted no time in securing his services with a lucrative five-year contract. They gave him a $242.5 million extension, making him one of the highest-paid quarterbacks in the NFL. However, with his unexpected release in 2024, the Broncos now face a significant dead-cap hit of $85 million, per Sporting News.

What’s your projection regarding Russell Wilson’s upcoming season? 

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