San Francisco 49ers fan’s Super Bowl defeat frustration leads to TV smashing with whiskey bottle

The San Francisco 49ers played brilliantly throughout the regular season. They were proceeding with Mr. Irrelevant Brock Purdy at the helm. The quarterback was backed by MVP frontrunner Christian McCaffrey alongside veteran players like Deebo Samuel and George Kittle.

However, the 49ers ultimately stumbled in the Super Bowl. The loss was compounded by several players injuries and the controversy regarding their lack of knowledge about the NFL’s new overtime rule. Some 49ers fans became so agitated that they didn’t even hesitate to vent their anger on costly home appliances.

Shock and Disbelief: Video goes viral on TikTok

Emotions reached a boiling point for one San Francisco 49ers fan in Southern California. The heartbreak of the 49ers’ overtime loss to the Kansas City Chiefs was too much for a fan. He was fueled by frustration, and he took out his anger by smashing his television with a whiskey bottle.

The viral video was shared on TikTok by Jennifer Duran. She captured the intense moment when her stepfather, a die-hard 49ers supporter, unleashed his fury on the TV screen. He hurled a whiskey bottle repeatedly at the television, creating a scene of shock and disbelief among onlookers. Duran revealed her mother told his stepfather not to break the TV, but that he said he would buy another one.

The 49ers fans were expecting to break their Super Bowl drought by securing the Lombardi Trophy. However, misfortune followed them once again. The team’s players looked completely devastated following the blow. Meanwhile, many fans even urged the franchise to fire head coach Kyle Shanahan for failing to secure the win.

Fan’s Furious reaction to Smashing TV with Whiskey bottle

The Super Bowl LVIII had an intense showdown between the Kansas City Chiefs and San Francisco 49ers. Seemingly, the latter team was securing the win, but the Chiefs secured their victory with a decisive touchdown delivery from Patrick Mahomes to Mecole Hardman. The joy of Chiefs fans contrasted sharply with the disappointment felt by 49ers supporters.

Several fans, along with the aforementioned one, broke their TVs in the aftermath of the loss. The absurd act prompted a wave of reactions from other fans across various platforms.

A user wrote, “Shocking behavior from a grown man wearing a jersey with another man’s name on it.”

A fan wrote, “Also to the @49ers fans who broke their tv due to the loss. Just know now you don’t have a tv now because you broke it in your fit of rage 😂😂 keep your rage down next time if you ever make it to the Super Bowl again.”

The incident also sparked comparisons among rival fans, with some taking jabs at the 49ers supporters for their supposed lack of sportsmanship. References to similar reactions from fans of other teams in past Super Bowls also fueled the debate.

A fan wrote, “This is a question to all my @Eagles fans, how many of you broke your tv’s when they lost last years Super Bowl? Cause I see a bunch of 49ers fan videos of them breaking their tv’s. Who’s crying now?!”

The win marked the Chiefs chance of starting a new era following the New England Patriots. The Pats lost their charm after Tom Brady’s departure, and even Bill Belichick has parted ways with them. The Chiefs now have the chance to leave their mark in the league.


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