Shirtless Tom Brady shies away from Julian Adelman’s pool party invitation with hilarious comment

In the midst of the suspenseful playoff games and the ongoing saga of NFL coaches being fired and hired, one name continues to shine brightly—none other than the retired NFL star, Tom Brady. As the offseason unfolds, it not only marks the conclusion of Brady’s illustrious career but also signifies the end of a golden era following Bill Belichick’s departure from the New England Patriots.

Brady, who never hesitated to label Belichick as the “best coach” in the NFL, continues to share a camaraderie with his former Patriots teammates, which was recently highlighted in a lighthearted exchange between Brady and his ex-comrades.

Tom Brady responds to Julian Adelman’s pool party invitation

In a recent video that has sent waves across social media, three former New England Patriots stars, Julian Edelman, Rob Gronkowski, and Danny Amendola, were spotted enjoying a carefree moment shirtless in a pool. Nevertheless, one notable absence from the poolside gathering was none other than the legendary Tom Brady. 

Edelman, seizing the opportunity, called out to Brady during the video, suggesting his absence from the party. In classic Brady fashion, the seven-time Super Bowl champion responded with a witty and playful Instagram post, explaining his non-attendance. Brady humorously suggested that Edelman’s party already had an abundance of shirtless individuals, implying it was the primary reason for his decision to sit this one out.

“Nice pool fellas, but I think you’ve got enough shirtless dudes at your party.”

The bonding among the former Patriots stars remains evident even after their retirements. Brady, Gronk, Edelman, and Amendola played pivotal roles in the Patriots’ Super Bowl dynasty, contributing to the team’s remarkable success over the years. Brady and Gronkowski spent the majority of their illustrious careers with the Patriots. Edelman, who once stole Brady’s materials, holds a unique distinction as the player who remained loyal to the Patriots throughout his entire NFL career.

In contrast, Amendola took a different path, playing for seven teams during his 14-year NFL career. Despite his journeyman status, he found considerable success with the Patriots, winning two Super Bowl rings with Brady as his quarterback.

Tom Brady’s heroics against the Chiefs in the 2019 AFC Championship game

In 2019, at the age of 41, Tom Brady showcased his exceptional talent and determination, leading the Patriots to a thrilling victory over the Kansas City Chiefs in the AFC championship, per ESPN. The retired NFL player orchestrated a remarkable drive, covering 65 yards in just 1:24. It culminated in Rex Burkhead’s decisive four-yard touchdown with 39 seconds left in regulation.

Brady’s brilliance was evident during overtime, where he connected with Rob Gronkowski for a crucial 15-yard gain on a slant route. This set the stage for Burkhead’s game-winning touchdown, solidifying Brady’s legacy as a clutch performer in critical moments.

During the game, Brady completed 30 of 46 passes for 348 yards, contributing one touchdown and enduring two interceptions. This remarkable performance reflected his unwavering commitment to excellence on the football field.

At the time, Brady had already amassed an impressive resume, boasting five Super Bowl titles, three league MVP awards, and 14 Pro Bowl selections. Despite his extensive list of achievements, Brady’s hunger for success remained undiminished.

This relentless pursuit of greatness eventually led him to secure his sixth Super Bowl victory, the last time with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

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