Sir Alex Ferguson infamously kicked a boot at David Beckham 20 years ago after Arsenal game

Sir Alex Ferguson gave David Beckham the chance to realize his dreams of playing for Manchester United when the legendary Scottish manager integrated him and the rest of the Class of ‘92 into the first team. Beckham went on to become a United legend after playing for the club for more than a decade, but it wasn’t always an easy ride.

David Beckham’s exit from Manchester United was rather surprising to the fans of the club, many of whom had hoped to see him turn out for Manchester United for the 03/04 season. However, an incident involving Sir Alex and David Beckham in 2003 sealed the latter’s fate at the club, prompting a move to Real Madrid that summer.

Ferguson’s boot-flinging episode with David Beckham

Sir Alex Ferguson remains the most successful manager in the history of British football, thanks to his achievements at Manchester United, a club he led for more than two decades. Apart from his success on the pitch, the legendary manager was famous for his ‘hairdryer treatment’, which he used to keep players in line.

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Ferguson’s hairdryer treatment became famous after his row with David Beckham in 2003 after an FA Cup defeat to Arsenal. The manager reportedly kicked a boot at Beckham for the role he played in the defeat, leading to a cut above the eye for the former England captain. This incident ultimately sealed Beckham’s exit from the club as his relationship with the manager deteriorated.

In an interview from 2021, Beckham recalled the incident, “That was blown up out of all proportion. I’d made a couple of mistakes during the game, and he came into the dressing room, and a few harsh words were exchanged.

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“He started to walk over to me, and he kicked out a pile of clothes on the floor. Out came this boot, and then I quickly realized how accurate his kick had been as it struck me on the head, but there weren’t any hard feelings. The incident made the papers, which meant that people started to speculate about our relationship. But as far as the boss and I were concerned, it was over; done and dusted”, Beckham revealed.

David Beckham left Manchester United for Real Madrid in 2003

Beckham barely lasted in United till the end of the season, and a bidding war between Barcelona and Real Madrid, which was eventually won by the latter, provided David Beckham with the chance to move to Spain and be part of one of the strongest teams the sport had ever seen.

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“I always felt I would start my career at Manchester United and end my career at Manchester United”, Beckham later revealed.

“I had no intention of leaving at any point. I did not want to play for any other club. For the next three years, I could not even watch United on television. Being at United, and supporting them, for as long as I had, it was obviously upsetting”, he added.

Beckham’s decision to leave United turned out great, as he would later join the MLS, which paved his way for franchise ownership in the league many years later.

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