Sixers Insider proposes Joel Embiid move which he claims “absolutely happening”

During this off-season, trade rumors involving Joel Embiid have been widely discussed. There are growing concerns regarding the team strength of the Philadelphia 76ers if they were to lose Embiid in light of James Harden’s decision to depart the team.

The 76ers are responding by making every effort to keep their franchise player. The recent comments by Embiid about his confidence in winning a championship with either the 76ers or elsewhere have reignited rumors of a trade. The NBA community is regularly looking at the trade discussions with interest to determine what effect they will have on the team’s future.

76ers insider’s proposed move for Joel Embiid

With Jalen Brunson, Josh Hart, and Donte DiVincenzo already on the roster, the New York Knicks are not new to acquiring players from Philadelphia. However, the most talked about situation remains of Joel Embiid.

According to Sixers insider Keith Pompey of the Philadelphia Inquirer, Embiid has a property in New York, which might lead the Knicks to pursue a trade for the star, although the Sixers’ front management has denied the rumors of Embiid leaving.

During an interview with SiriusXM NBA Radio, when asked about Embiid going to the Knicks, Pompey said, “I can see that absolutely happening.”

The Knicks have been mentioned as a possible destination for Embiid after his cryptic statements about winning a championship either in Philadelphia or elsewhere. Embiid’s history with Knicks President Leon Rose, who represented him when he entered the NBA in 2014, adds another point to it happening.

The Knicks spent the night quietly collecting draft selections as they have in prior years. New York has instead sought deals and accumulated additional selections in anticipation of a superstar acquisition, making the chance of getting Embiid that more appealing.

Embiid reportedly values 1-team legacy

The Philadelphia 76ers’ have had a journey full of ups and downs through ‘The Process,’ which led them to Joel Embiid, a standout star. While the team’s success during the Embiid era has been uncertain, recent rumors of a potential trade request have left fans worried about his future.

However, a ray of hope emerged from a report by Sam Katz, indicating that Embiid cherishes the concept of a one-team legacy. Katz stated, “Embiid has told people close to him for years that he values the idea of a one-team legacy. There is a long way to go between vague comments about the mystical land of ‘anywhere else’ and an official trade request.”

Despite the disappointment of a second-round playoff exit, Embiid’s remarkable regular season performance earned him the MVP title, making him the first 76er to achieve this honor in over two decades. With his wish for making a legacy in Philadelphia, the future remains uncertain, but for now, there is hope that the center may stay true to his roots.

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