Skip Bayless criticizes Bill Belichick’s legacy after his ‘thank you letter’ to Patriots fans: “He was smug”

Bill Belichick became a part of the New England Patriots in 2000. Throughout his impressive career, spanning over two decades with the team, he has solidified his status as one of the most exceptional coaches in the history of the NFL. But things haven’t gone his way in the last few years.

The Patriots have already moved on from Belichick, and introduced a new era under new HC Jerod Mayo. Belichick has recently surprised many by expressing gratitude to Patriots fans in a heartfelt letter published in the Boston Globe. But Fox Sports analyst Skip Bayless didn’t like the idea.

Skip Bayless takes shot at Bill Belichick’s legacy

Speaking on ‘Undisputed’ alongside co-hosts Keyshawn Johnson and Richard Sherman, host Skip Bayless found Belichick’s heartfelt letter towards fans surprising given his past demeanor. Throughout his career, Belichick has been perceived as arrogant, smug, and condescending, according to Bayless.

“When I first read this, if I can use a Vanderbilt word, it came off as poignant to the point of being a little sad, because I wished he had given more of this back to the fans all those years when he led this league in arrogance,” Bayless said via First Sportz.

The outspoken analyst went on to speculate about the ex-Patriots HC’s recent struggles on the field, particularly in light of the Patriots’ less-than-stellar record over the past four years. He highlighted Belichick’s subpar win-loss ratio and questioned his ability to adapt and succeed without star quarterback Tom Brady.

One of Bayless’s key observations centered on the coach’s lack of employment opportunities outside of the Patriots. Bayless found it telling that despite Belichick’s widespread reputation as the greatest coach of all time, other NFL teams have not expressed interest in hiring him.

In Belichick’s letter, he lauded the Pats’ fans for their immense support throughout his career. He mentioned their dedication as they traveled across the country to cheer for the team. His note ended with “THANK YOU ALL” written in capital letters.

Details on Bill Belichick’s quiet NFL HC hiring emerge

Bill Belichick found himself on the sidelines as all NFL teams made their coaching decisions. The Atlanta Falcons were the only team he interviewed with. But they opted for Los Angeles Rams defensive coordinator Raheem Morris as their new head coach. Similarly, the Washington Commanders filled their vacancy by hiring Dan Quinn, leaving Belichick without a new coaching role.

Julian Edelman, a former Patriots wide receiver, voiced his astonishment after seeing his former HC’s state. The veteran emphasized Belichick’s transformative impact on any team.

“It just tells me not everyone is about winning in this league. … Any team that brings him in instantly gets 35% better because of the amount of knowledge he knows.”

With no immediate prospects, Bill Belichick might have to wait until next offseason for another shot at a HC position. NFL teams this year seemed more inclined towards other candidates. However, there is speculation that the coach could become an attractive option for teams with established quarterbacks and championship aspirations.

Rumors have surfaced linking Belichick to a potential future role with the Kansas City Chiefs. FOX Sports’ Craig Carton predicted the ex-Patriots coach as a successor to Andy Reid, should the latter retire. While purely speculative at this point, the idea of Belichick joining forces with the high-powered Chiefs offense has piqued the interest of many in the football world.


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