Soccer fans brutally criticized Lionel Messi for saying PSG didn’t appreciate him after World Cup 2023

The PSG fanbase had high hopes that their team would finally clinch the coveted Champions League title, especially with the formidable attacking trio of the world’s best players: Lionel Messi, Neymar, and Kylian Mbappe. Despite this star-studded lineup, PSG fell short in their quest to secure the prestigious Champions League trophy once again.

What made matters worse was the fact that the South American duo of Messi and Neymar faced boos and derogatory remarks from some PSG fans while Kylian Mbappe remained a beloved figure. However, tensions escalated when Messi achieved World Cup glory in Qatar, further intensifying the dynamics within the club and its fanbase.

Lionel Messi claims PSG did not acknowledge him after World Cup 2023 victory

Lionel Messi achieved a historic milestone by leading his country, Argentina, to World Cup victory in 2022, breaking a long spell of past disappointments. Following his triumph over France in the finals, a special guard of honor was arranged in recognition of his World Cup victory. However, it seems that upon his return to PSG, the World champion was not entirely content with the reception he received.

The former PSG player, in an interview with ESPN Argentina, claimed that he was the only player who was not celebrated enough after winning the World Cup, and some fans believe that this claim is baseless.

“I was the only player of the [squad] that didn’t get a [club] recognition,” said Messi.

Lionel Messi

Messi is of further opinion that the post-World Cup spite was due to Argentina’s victory over France in the finals. This is even more interesting because it was Lionel Messi, the Argentina captain, who largely orchestrated the fall of France in Qatar, scoring twice in that 3-3 thriller.

“It was understandable … because of us [Argentina], they didn’t retain the World Cup,” he added.

Despite a video from January showing Messi at a ceremony put on by PSG to celebrate his World Cup victory. The World Cup winner still insisted that he never got the applause he deserved.

“It happened like that. It was not what I expected, but I always say things happen for a reason”, he said. “Even if I wasn’t well there, it happened that I was world champion while I was there.”

However, Lionel Messi claims he is now enjoying football again at Inter Miami.

He said, “I love what I do, I enjoy playing, and now it’s a different way,” he said. “That is why I made the decision to come to Miami and not continue my career elsewhere; you experience it a different way.”

Soccer fans criticized Lionel Messi for making false claims

Messi and his former Barcelona colleague, Neymar, faced criticism from certain segments of the PSG fanbase due to their inability to secure a Champions League victory for the club. Towards the conclusion of their tenure in Paris, both players even experienced boos from disgruntled fans. Messi departed PSG this summer and made a surprising move to Inter Miami in Major League Soccer, where he has played a pivotal role in revitalizing the club’s fortunes.

Messi claimed he was not celebrated at PSG after winning the World Cup. However, a video in January reveals PSG stood a guard of honor for the Argentine. Despite that Messi’s statement implies that more happened in the background than what was caught on that video, many football fans criticize the World Cup winner for his statement.

A football fan on X said, “Not only did PSG give him a guard of honor, but they even gave him an extra two weeks rest compared to other players. Messi is a pathological liar.”

All Argentine players received iconic receptions from their respective clubs after they returned to club football following their World Cup glory. PSG, however, being a French club, did not deem it fit to give Messi a full stadium tribute as French fans would be infuriated by the move, given Argentina dismantled the previous World Champions in the Qatar 2022 Finals.

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