Spain’s Aitana Bonmatí defends Jenni Hermoso over Luis Rubiales kiss incident after winning UEFA women’s player of the Year award

Aitana Bonmati was exceptional in the Women’s World Cup, scoring three times and assisting twice, firing the Spanish team to a sensational World Cup win. She won the Golden Ball award in the World Cup and was later recognized in Europe with the UEFA Women’s Player of the Year award.

However, Luis Rubiales’ unsolicited display of affection and appreciation towards Jennifer Hermoso, the highest goal scorer on the Spanish Women’s team, has since cast a shadow on the women’s World Cup exploits. Jenni Hermoso has been verbose about it since the incident. Hence, Aitana Bonmati supported her teammate when she accepted the UEFA award.

Aitana Bonmatí supports Jenni Hermoso over Luis Rubiales kiss controversy

At the celebration of Spain’s Women’s World Cup victory, Luis Rubiales, the president of the Royal Spanish Football Federation and one of UEFA’s vice presidents, was seen kissing and groping Jenni Hermoso on the lips inappropriately. 

As expected, this situation caused a lot of uproar in Spain. Notable individuals and groups like the acting Prime Minister of Spain, FIFA and a particular Women’s support group have criticised Rubiales’ actions. FIFA suspended the former Spanish player for at least 90 days, but he has refused to resign, claiming that the kiss was “consensual and mutual”.

On the other hand, Jenni Hermoso stated that she “felt vulnerable and was a victim of assault; what happened was sexist, impulsive, out of place, and non-consensual.”

Aitana Bonmati, while she spoke in appreciation of the Player of The Year award, said the following, “Spanish soccer is going through bad moments right now. We won the World Cup, but we’re not talking a lot about that because of some things I rather not ignore.”

Aitana Bonmati did not stop there; she added the following, saying, “As a society, we cannot allow the abuse of power in a working environment or disrespect to all women who are suffering the same thing as Jenni; we’re with you.”

So far, Luis Rubiales has refused to step down from his position as the Royal Spanish Football Federation president. Aitana Bonmati is one of over 80 current and former Spanish players refusing to play for the national team until Rubiales is removed. He has defiantly vowed to “fight to the end” and has avoided punishment from UEFA or the Spanish Soccer Federation.

Aitana Bonmatí wins UEFA women’s player of the Year award

After recording three goals and two assists throughout the tournament, Aitana Bonmati was named the World Cup’s best player (Golden Ball). She has won the UEFA Women’s Player of the Year award due to her excellent footballing year in Europe. 

Aitana Bonmati, the 25-year-old Spanish footballer’s achievements include four La Liga championships, five Copa del Rey triumphs, three Supercopas de Espana victories, and two Champions League titles. Additionally, her international journey includes 54 games representing Spain, during which she contributed 18 goals and played a pivotal role in winning a World Cup.


While accepting the UEFA Women’s Player of the Year award, she said, “I always like to say that I am a very ambitious person and player, a non-conformist, who always wants more and this is something that defines me very well and has got me this far. I’m lucky to play in a spectacular club with players who make me better daily.”

She said in the context of the 2022-23 season, “It has been the best year of my career and a year that I will carry in my heart forever.” 


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