Max Verstappen applauds Lewis Hamilton’s contract renewal while bragging about RB19’s performance

Over the past few months, there was speculation all over social media regarding Lewis’ future at Mercedes and with Formula 1 altogether. However, with a recent announcement of a two-year extension being finalised, the speculation has been put to rest.

Max Verstappen recently acknowledged this news, and remarked that Lewis staying on is “good news for the sport.” The Dutchman and The Mercedes superstar were engaged in an intense rivalry for the championship not too long ago, in 2021.

Verstappen weighs in on new Hamilton contract

Max Verstappen recently weighed in with his take on Lewis’ contract extension at Mercedes until 2025. Over the last few weeks, many rumours have circulated on social media linking Lewis to a possible Ferrari move. While both Lewis and Ferrari have denied this news, F1 social media had already began turning gears in people’s minds.

However, all speculation was shut with the recent renewal announcement.

Lewis Hamilton and Toto Wolff pose for a photograph after new contract extension

Speaking to RacingNews365, Verstappen recently said, “For sure, the news is good for the sport.”

He went on to add, “And at the end of the day, it’s good for himself and Mercedes because they’ve been already teamed up for a long time and for them to continue that partnership is great.”

He also acknowledged the notion that Mercedes may challenge them for wins by 2024, saying, “With the battles, we just have to wait and see what happens between the teams and how everyone is going to perform next year.”

Following this, the Dutchman went on to discuss his own performance this season.

Max Verstappen brags about his approach to driving car

Max Verstappen is all but guaranteed the 2023 championship as things stand, with him 138 points ahead of his teammate Perez in P2. Having won 11 out of 13 races this season already, Max is looking set to break records this season. Statistically speaking, he could win the championship as early as 3 races from now, at Japan!

Speaking about his performance, he said, “I just drive the car the fastest way possible. I’m not there to tell the guys to give me more front end because that’s how I like it.”

Verstappen: Red Bull not designed around my driving style

He continues, “I just say: Design me the fastest car and I’ll drive around that. Because every single year, every car drives a little bit different. People ask: What is your driving style? My driving style is not something particular. I adapt to what I need for the car to go quick.”

Do you think Lewis’ contract extension means trouble brewing for Mercedes in 2024? Comment what you think down below!

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