Spanish PM claims Rubiales’ Jenni Hermoso kiss apology “wasn’t sufficient” while Spain HC caught groping female staffer

Jenni Hermoso and Luis Rubiales have been in the spotlight since the Spanish Women’s soccer team reached a significant milestone by winning the Women’s World Cup for their country for the first time. As expected, the trophy was celebrated in a grand style, but the most unexpected acts are possible in the face of extreme joy, Luis Rubiales kissed Jenni Hermoso on the lips inappropriately. Was this an intended act?

More controversies loom over the Spanish Women’s team. The public eye has been raised once more as Spain’s Head Coach, Jorge Vilda, was also caught conspicuously touching a staff member inappropriately. 

Spanish PM Pedro Sanchez slams Rubiales’ Jenni Hermoso kiss apology 

In the recently concluded FIFA Women’s World Cup, Spain played against England in the finals and defeated ‘the Lionesses’ by a goal to nothing. As it is custom, the winner and the runner-up of such a crucial duel are paraded on the podium to exchange gold and silver medals. And thereafter, the handing over of the World Cup trophy. 

At the trophy presentation moment, the president of the Royal Spanish Football Federation (RFEF), Luis Rubiales, was noticed grabbing and kissing Jenni Hermoso inappropriately, and this act has been rightly criticised by many who think it is inappropriate. 

Jenni Hermoso

When asked about the incident, Jenni Hermoso, Spain’s all-time record scorer, confessed that she did not like the gesture but spoke out in defense of Rubiales. She said; “I did not enjoy it.”

In comments given to AFP by the Spanish federation, Jenni Hermoso later added, “It was a spontaneous mutual gesture because of the immense joy that winning a World Cup brings. The president and I have a great relationship, his behaviour with all of us has been outstanding, and it was a natural gesture of affection and gratitude.”

This act has sparked a lot of reactions in Spain; while some believe it’s not a big deal, others think the gesture is a form of gender-based mistreatment. Spanish football expert Semra Hunter noted:

“The reaction has been polarised in Spain. Some people felt it was no big deal that they were both caught up in the moment, and it was a snap reaction – they were defending him in a way. But other people said what he is doing and thinking, and it’s grossly inappropriate.”

Initially, Rubiales responded to the criticism by saying those who condemned his actions were “idiots.” In a later statement, he accepted he “had made a mistake” and would “learn from this.”

However, Spain’s Prime Minister blasted Rubiales’ apology, saying his kiss was unacceptable. Spain’s acting prime minister Pedro Sanchez has added that an apology ‘wasn’t sufficient, suggesting that disciplinary action would be taken against Rubiales for his ‘gross misconduct

“His [Rubiales’] excuses are useless. We ask for the sports law to be applied and the sports federation protocols to be activated. This person should resign.”

Later on Tuesday, the RFEF announced that an emergency Extraordinary General Assembly meeting would take place to address the situation.

Spain HC Jorge Vilda under scrutiny for touching female staffer’s breast

First, it was Rubiales’ inappropriate kiss on Jenni Hermoso, and now it’s Spain head coach Jorge Vilda’s inappropriate touch on a female staffer’s breast. After winning its first-ever World Cup, more conspiracy surrounds the Spain Women’s soccer team. 

Jenni Hermoso

Video footage has surfaced in which Spain’s head coach, Jorge Vilda, seems to have touched a female staff member’s breast while the team was celebrating Olga Carmona’s World Cup-winning goal during the first half of the final against England.

Jenni Hermoso

The global camera feed diverted attention from the coaches and staff celebrating the goal. However, alternate footage reveals Vilda’s hand moving from the female staffer’s shoulder to her breast as he observed the action on the field.

It is unknown whether the momentary touch was intentional, but several comments about the incident on social media have been made. What’s your take on this? Make sure to let us know in the comments.


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