Oleksandr Usyk remains optimistic about boxing journey despite failed Tyson Fury negotiations

For approximately a year Oleksandr Usyk waited for a fruitful conclusion regarding the contract negotiations with Tyson Fury. Although the hope to secure a deal with the British heavyweight was unsuccessful, Usyk remains optimistic in his commitment to advance his boxing career.

Initially slated for April 29, the anticipated showdown between “The Cat” and “The Gipsy King” encountered a delay due to multiple technical complexities and challenges. This unexpected postponement elevated the pre-existing rivalry between these two prominent heavyweight fighters to new heights.

Usyk’s boxing path continues despite hurdles with Fury rematch

Before the cancelation of the potential fight with Fury, Usyk offered a last-minute proposition to materialize the bout. The Ukrainian heavyweight stipulated that he would agree to the bout but on the condition of a 30-70 revenue split. Despite this effort, the discussions between the two parties remained unfruitful.

Across the span of the last couple of years, the IBO heavyweight champion participated in just two, both against Anthony Joshua. Presently, Usyk’s focus is set on the upcoming summer showdown, where he is slated to defend his title in a mandatory contest against Daniel Dubois.

In a recent interview, The Cat expressed that Fury wasn’t the final point but rather just the beginning. The 36-year-old boxer is now focusing on his future and the last few years of his professional boxing career.

“I do realize there are not many years left for me in boxing and I don’t want to spend much time in boxing. I want to take my kids to school and whatever.” Usyk said.

Tyson Fury to face Francis Ngannou in Saudi Arabia

Tyson Fury is now set to face Francis Ngannou in a crossover boxing bout on October 28 in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. Queensberry, Top Rank, and GIMIK Fight Promotions recently confirmed the big event. Oleksandr has also expressed his views on this matchup.

“I think it’s easy money for Tyson Fury. I think for me it looks a little bit strange, to me, too strange. A guy who is WBC heavyweight champion instead of fighting a guy from the top 10, suddenly chooses the guy as his opponent coming from the UFC.” Usyk said.

Usyk believes that Ngannou is benefiting greatly from this deal but he sees it as a disappointment for Fury. The Ukrainian boxing legend however shows deep respect for their decision.

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