Stephen A. Smith hilariously begs Lakers’ Anthony Davis to shine after LeBron James’ full support for Brow

Lakers’ star Anthony Davis has been grabbing headlines frequently lately. The primary cause of this sudden surge in attention is his recent underwhelming performance in a match.

Davis is facing severe criticism from both fans and sports pundits. Despite LeBron James coming to his teammate’s defense, it appears that the critics remain unfazed. Notably, even Stephen A. Smith implored Davis to elevate his game, suggesting that doing so might just help him regain some favor with his critics.

Stephen A. Smith’s comical plea to Davis

The popular sports analyst Stephen A. Smith has once again hilariously expressed himself, this time the target of his talks is the Lakers star Anthony Davis. In the video posted by First Take’s official X account, Stephen A. Smith can be seen begging Anthony Davis.

Smith started his rant by saying that he is not going to apologize for begging because he wants to be in LA, not Denver, for the NBA finals. He then proceeded to get on his knees and begged AD to step up the game. He said, “Anthony Davis please, please! Can you bring your A-game, please? I do not want to be in Denver in June; I wanna be in LA. I want to be in Texas town, I want Hollywood in the background, I want that South California sunshine, I wanna sing ‘I love LA’ after games. Can I get that please?…Am I begging? I am on my knees. please, please.”

Anthony Davis
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This was a comical stunt by Smith, which elicited plenty of laughter both from his co-hosts on the show and from fans on social media. Smith’s use of sarcasm is a recurring approach when critiquing players, and it certainly hit the mark this time.

LeBron James brushes off Anthony Davis criticism

Anthony Davis is having a hard time after a disastrous performance in his recent match. However, his partner LeBron James had stepped in to aid Davis from any criticism thrown his way. Bron did a post-match interview where he defended his partner, whom he believes is the co-captain of the team alongside him.

During the post-game interview, LeBron made it very clear that the team and AD himself did not care about what the critics thought or said. Bron reportedly said, “We do not give a s*** about the criticism about AD. We don’t care, nothing about it. AD doesn’t care.” Bron gave out a statement that reflected the strong bond Lakers share as a team. He spoke for everyone on the Lakers and said that they are happy to have Anthony Davis and he will soon do his job.

What are your thoughts on Stephen A. Smith imploring Anthony Davis, and how do you feel about LeBron’s statement? We’re eager to hear your opinions, so please share them in the comments section below.

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